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Tapering for a peak performance

Skinny2010-06-12 06:18:22 +0000 #1
Here's a quick read that gives some interesting food for thought about tapering for a peak performance:

Like the article states, it's really hard to get most athletes to back off when training for a serious competition. I distinctly remember running myself into the ground on one occasion while training for a martial arts tournament. My legs literally felt like lead weights during training but I kept telling myself to push through it because it'd make me physically and mentally tougher. Well, maybe it did. On the other hand, I completely bombed at the tournament having left everything I had in the gym. Eventually, I figured it out and changed my approach.

Now, as a runner, the above article has given me some new ideas. I've tapered before but it was always a shot in the dark rather than using any scientific information to back-up what I was doing. Should be interesting to see what results.



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