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P90X Review Chest & Back (Day 57 - Phase 3)

workonp90x2011-06-02 10:13:35 +0000 #1
Day 57 of my P90X journey, rounding the bend and heading for the home stretch. I can’t believe this fun and games will be finished in about a month. I’m looking at other people’s blogs to see what most people have done after they finish the 90 days to get an idea to build on the progress I’ve made so far. Right now I’m thinking of just doing P90X: again with more modifications.

I took the day off today since the kids had spring break. That allowed me to sleep in a little bit and start my day at a leisurely pace. Chest and Back - wow, I’ve missed that big ol’ serving of German Potato Soup. I love the fact that you record your results during the P90X workouts. I was surprised at how much better I was doing on all the exercises in this video today. What a difference 56 days make. I love doing push-ups now.

I hit the P90X Ab Ripper X portion when the kids were eating breakfast so they were entertained watching their father grimace in pain and fall in a sweaty heap after Mason Twists. Good times!

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