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krazo1012011-06-06 14:24:39 +0000 #1
So I'm realizing I've gotten quite out of shape over the last year and I was wondering how effective some of these workout plans they push on the infomercials really are. I'm talking about the P90X and Insanity type stuff. I don't want to waste money and my time on this stuff if its a load of dog poopy, so if anyone has some experience on the matter please let me know. Thanks
Haze2011-06-06 14:34:25 +0000 #2
P90X is amazing if you can actually make yourself do the routines. they are tough and a few of them will make you want to quit. But once you get going and can get past them being difficult they are actually a lot of fun.
Jackie2011-06-06 14:40:03 +0000 #3
I've heard good things about P90X from the few people who bought it/downloaded it and actually tried it!

I've heard the hardest part is the diet, actually.

Also, for those that love to exercise, they found it "refreshing" to have a different exercise routine than the day before.
Edylici2011-06-06 15:25:14 +0000 #4
it is amazing...
dhk19802011-06-06 16:18:59 +0000 #5
i've heard that they are both great. IIRC, for the p90x, u need some minor equipments like the pull up bar. i don't think u need anything for insanity.
Shamrocked2011-06-06 16:45:30 +0000 #6
P90X is no joke. The first week is a bitch and there are several exercises that will likely be too much to complete the max reps, but by the end of week two you should see some noticeable gains already. If you're diligent with the diet and do the full 90 days there's no way you won't feel like a completely different person. The trouble for me is finding the time to do it right. Some of the workouts are an hour or better, and if I'm putting in twelve hour work days I don't always have enough gas for an hour of ass kicking cardio.



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