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Do you train?

skeletonrock2011-09-02 03:29:12 +0000 #1
Who here trains, fights, etc?

What do you train in? Jui-jitsu? Kickboxing? A general MMA gym?

I did kickboxing/muay-thai for about a year. I have recently switched to a MMA gym that focuses more on the fitness side rather than the actual fighting side.

We learn technique and hit pads and drill and stuff, but no sparing/rolling etc.

What do you do?
spasgur2011-09-02 03:44:29 +0000 #2
Been training BJJ for a little over 2 months now. Just started submission wrestling this week as well. I expect to start MMA within a few months or maybe wait till I get blue belt.

I love sparring, although sparring with brown belts is rarely very funny. I usually end up getting choked from out of nowhere. I find no gi BJJ to be a little easier and suits my style abit better.

My gym is part of CheckMat with head coach Leo Vieira
paul madd2011-09-02 04:06:27 +0000 #3
By a good one personal trainer I got the training and have the fully command on the kickboxing....



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