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training kg242011-05-24 22:15
im new to the forum but i have some questions about training. im from a small town in canada and the
Beware of these symptoms Angie652011-05-21 16:13
Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects one in every 100 people, who are above 6
Type 1 Diabetes 'the noodle'2011-05-21 10:34
Are there any fighters you know of that have Type 1 Diabetes and still train etc.
Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle DeMaggio2011-05-21 10:55
Health supplements*are absolutely essential in maintaining a healthy body with a healthy mind, and u
Why aren't health fitness clubs affected by the financial crisis? johnoutten2011-05-21 10:22
Do all health fitness clubs deliberately refuse to close down business even during financial crisis
P90X Nutrition Plan workonp90x2011-05-21 10:16
The Three Phases Any X’er will tell you, the P90X Nutrition Plan is key to maximizing your results
Ayurvedic treatment for asthma jinl122011-05-08 07:24
Irwin Antony Tigga was an asthma patient. He experienced breathing problems frequently and was hospi
Why aren't health fitness clubs affected by the financial crisis? Ronaldasx2011-05-03 08:12
Do all health fitness clubs deliberately refuse to close down business even during financial crisis
need help if you can? randypogue2011-05-02 16:26
what are some good workouts all i do is run and lift wieghts all the time i wants something else tha
Build Quick Muscle Now! stephen flowers2011-04-30 08:20
Many people want to build muscle through new exercise programs: as quick
Tips for Losing Weight rayz2011-04-06 12:54
Meant for me, one of this novel supplements was a pre-workout manufactured goods by fitness in usa:
Word to the wise about caring for cuts DM4262011-03-23 19:25
I recently got cut pretty badly during an unfortunate incident during Muay Thai class. The inside of
Separated shoulder PITTFOX2011-03-18 12:15
I haven't been bringing it up, but I have been training MMA again. My plan was to fight in Jan. Howe
Heavy bag routines to build striking power and endurance DM4262011-03-15 21:18
Where I take classes we regularly incorporate various types of heavy bag work into our training roun
How to Weight Lose victoracid2011-03-14 19:12
You could lose fat quick and permanently with no obtaining up at 5am to run on an empty stomach, not
Heavy bag routine halisray2011-02-10 08:22
Hey guys, I've been working out for about a year now.. lost 60lbs of fat and got into shape. I
Natures Best Isopure is it the best protein? NWS2011-02-07 12:18
natures best isopure whey it the best whey isolate on the market?
Randy Couture's Training Camp MrT2011-02-05 04:20
Is anyone signing up for Couture's training Camp Dec 3-5th?
How important is fitness and good health for our politicians and minsters? Radianl2011-01-21 18:25
Many of our top politicians,ministers,leaders are over the age of 80,some barely able to walk withou
knee problems ACIDBATHBELFORT2011-01-14 16:19
Im wondering if anyone here has had knee problems? A few months back I was kicking on the bags. I di
Heavy Weighted Jump Ropes Pump Rope2010-12-27 20:24
I am an Entrepreneur based in NYC who is a big MMA fan. I've always like combative sports such
Streching before any exercise or martial art Arlingtonmma2010-12-23 18:16
Here are a few great stretches before starting your specific martial art: 1) Warm up First - Be
Help with eating schedule Mark_of_A_Beast2010-12-15 18:19
So I've decided to return to a diet I was following early last year before the shi+ hit the fan in m
Mouth guards protect teeth during sports, recreation haiderpak2010-12-15 11:20
Each year, thousands of teens and young people get hurt on the sports field, the basketball court, o
Strengthening Non Dominant Arm scrove2010-12-14 16:15
I've been going to the gym recently, and I've found my right arm to be noticably weaker than my left
Hey guys! Deanxpv2010-12-13 06:46
Hey! I'm new to the forums. I've always been a fan of mixed martial arts. I love the WEC a lot. I li
KBell Fighter MMA Workout Series funkroberts2010-12-13 02:44
KBELL WORKOUT #1 50-10 Intervals - 5 exercises - 3 rounds total 50 seconds of work followed b
Balancing training and conditioning virusonmymind2010-12-12 12:51
I have been hitting the gym regularly for about a year now. I'm a pretty small guy but with my routi
Treadmill analysis kabod2010-12-12 06:53
At the outset there are the treadmill ratings completed once a year by magazine like customer inform
Gaining Weight AL0WHA2010-12-12 04:54
Im a pretty skinny guy i weigh 95 and I am 15 i want to gain some weight and get pretty thick.
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