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Forearm Max........ Troll2010-05-16 13:56
Has anyone ever heard about or tried this product? Decent price, b
Ephedra-Containing Supplements Amocat002010-05-16 16:07
I know, I know, ephedra isn't supposed to be good for you. But, it was taken off the FDA banned sub
MMA training and Working Out. NitricOxide2010-05-16 11:59
Working out hardcore with heavy weights will (obviously) make you gain muscle, which will make you s
Revamping the program - looking forward to next year Skinny2010-05-16 16:44
Had a good year of running, very consistent, posted a breakthrough time in the half-marathon and sta
Standing on extension ladders - bad for the knees Skinny2010-05-16 13:21
I was standing on an extension ladder quite a bit over the past couple of weeks as I've been slowly
Is a Bowflex any good? Nash2010-05-16 16:17
I am just recovering from minor back problems and I am tired of the workout machine I own at home be
Q: extreme diet... mashen2010-05-16 14:52
i was wondering if anybody could help me setup of give me some info on some extreme diets that reall
MMA gyms in Toronto DanContogiannis2010-05-16 13:00
Anyone from around Toronto, Ontario? I'm trying to find a MMA gym specifically around the North
Glutamine and Glucosamine Sulfate question DanContogiannis2010-05-16 10:58
Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help/advice with these two products. 1)
wanting to start learning..... bigdnisaac2010-05-16 14:51
I know I'm starting a little late but I was wondering where I should start learning style from? I lo
FDA warning about Hydroxycut Cbear2010-05-16 14:44
Wearing a weighted vest while striking... Guilty2010-05-16 11:59
Good idea? Bad idea? I was thinking about doing this when I'm working the bag, any thoughts?
bjj gym in stroudsburg, pa area rvca2010-05-16 13:44
Looking fir an mma gym that teaches bjj close or in stroudsburg, pa. All of the gym I've found are g
New Gym Equipment Skinny2010-05-16 13:13 They just set-up this up at work the other day. Whaddya thi
Grass Fed Beef 4fstudio2010-05-16 12:12
Does anyone have any opinions on Grass Fed Beef, one way or the other?
Plyos/Jumping.. maxtrainer2010-05-16 10:48
I have about 10 MMA guys i work/worked with. I love plyos and jumping, and when i say i love i mean
I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear..... Drunken Gamer2010-05-16 13:59
I can't help but roll my eyes when I hear folks who are new to weight lifting say right off the bat,
Ringworm gninja212010-05-16 12:44
At Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class yesterday I was grappling with this kid who I noticed had a mark on his
My Bone Density Test Skinny2010-05-16 12:24
In a month I'm scheduled for a bone density test. Letter regarding this arrived today. The reason
Awesome vid! badguy092010-05-16 13:25
Scott Adkin's training video:
Getting back in the gym today! superfreack2010-05-16 12:34
For the last 10 years or so I have been in and out of the gym spending about 3-4 months out of every
Sport, fitness and/or health goals for 2010? Skinny2010-05-16 12:20
I plan on running my first marathon in May 2010. I begun training in September. First goal alo
Yoga dwarfofdoom2010-05-16 11:15
So I have decided to take up yoga, getting quite bad back, neck and shoulder pain plus I am planning
I started a new meatless (no beef, chicken or pork) diet. Snapcat2010-05-16 11:41
I still eat seafood though. But, I'm just wondering if anyone else is on a similar diet regardless
Can a vegetarian be a successful fighter? ifighttv.com2010-05-16 10:31
A buddy of mine is 5'9" and 140 lbs. He wants to start training to be a fighter but he's weak and b
I got staph !! Gomi2010-05-16 11:14
Yup, that's right. I was just dignosed with a staph infection ... Luckily , I was smart for onc
workout routines and articles buildingbodies2010-05-16 11:22
put together some good workout routines and articles people might find interesting: http://bui
What websites do u use 4 supplements? PatsFan352010-05-16 10:57
I normally use they have been awesome. always got everything within 2-3 days...
Sports Supplements for MMA NWS2010-05-16 10:30
what does everyone think the top 5 sports supplements for MMA are?
After Workout Proteine Drinks/Shakes? Manic Bastard2010-05-16 10:36
Hey! I'm beginning my usual workout routines again today, since I've had a 3-week break through
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