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Hello, may I ask, that is the running is running on a treadmill or outdoors, running good.

wx16162010-02-21 13:11:26 +0000 #1
Because the original reason for the movement, the knee has been a little injury, hospital knees a little water. Now good point to make movement on the fitness to follow the above card, but heard that treadmill right knee injury is not good, now do not know how to do, would like to ask treadmill hurt in the end of his life? I would like is to run three times a week once a 20-minute 7-8 run speed. Just saw your other posts on the professional answer, I hope give me some suggestions.谢谢. I do not have that reward Caifu Zhi Le, sorry ah.
wuair2010-02-21 13:25:46 +0000 #2
I have recently also bought a treadmill, has given much thought before buying, measurement of various factors

agree wangsx78 view. I have to add a few:

I would strongly recommend running indoors on a treadmill!

In the treadmill than outdoor running a number of important advantages:

(1) to facilitate.

Ready to run; if going outdoors to run, generally can not bring cell phones, to leave the house for some time, so a lot of things do not come easy. Home run, if something happens you can demand immediate action. For example at home to take care of emergency needs of people, such as too far away from the stadium, such as time of less well-off, when, if you want to go out jogging and calls for great determination, not easy to insist that this kind of thing easily be interrupted.

Outdoor exercise is very susceptible to weather. When bad weather, such as wind, rain, snow, fog, and too hot or too cold, not suitable for running out.

In the outdoor run Chuyishenhan, easy to keep warm is not very easy and timely flu.

Outdoor situation is more complicated. Pedestrians, cars, bicycles, vicious dog, roads, there is no cap wells, uneven pavement, dust, etc. If you catch up with the festive seasons, a blasting fireworks display, even more can not run. I am a long time outdoors running, with deep feeling for these inconveniences. I believe there will be shared by many illustrious

(2) Health

outdoor air is not necessarily better, especially in cities, indoor air is relatively easy to control.

The most important point: you run with electric running function can reduce the burden of human ankle, so that you run more than 1 / 3 of the distance, used people should have such a feeling. 3000-4000 yuan more than you have to buy a treadmill is generally a good shock absorber can effectively reduce the wear and tear his knee, at least I feel better than in the outdoor run should be over.

Can accurately control speed, general 1km per hour to 12 km per hour for most people, including rehabilitation of the exercise. Adjust the slope to detect heart rate and burns calories, which can accurately control the exercise intensity, more scientific.

Can Fangge, watching TV and so on, the transfer of people's attention, can significantly extend the person's exercise time, compared to outdoor running to be much better.

In addition, out of sweat on a treadmill can be timely and wipe their sweat, replenishment. If not feeling well, and you can stop, sit down and lie down and rest or treatment, these are the advantages of running indoors, outdoors do you imagine?

Finish the steps a sweat can be immediately washed a bath, no longer wearing damp clothes to go home than go to the gym and playgrounds more convenient. This I, but with deep feeling.

Finally add a few notes:

Since Lou Zhu decided to run, then

1, must not be in the outdoor hard-surface Sheung

If you want to run outdoors must be in a relatively soft, flexible ground running, such as the plastic track. Soil playground Fortunately, only a relatively dirty, especially water, when the wind simply can not exercise.

2, regardless of where to run, should be put on a bit of jogging shoes, not your ,100 - 300 a pair, grounding is very soft and flexible, very breathable. Example Adi, and Umbro, Converse and so on.

Have to wear thick socks and sports socks that, it is to protect the ankle and knee.

Lou Zhu sure to wear knee pads, many treadmills are now sending knee, put on after the run is also to protect the knee, a significant reduction in the burden of the knee.

Well, it took an hour to play the characters, to add a little pm Bar
Sha Sha 01052010-02-21 13:28:02 +0000 #3
_ days to make love a2010-02-21 13:38:36 +0000 #4
outdoor, as to breathe fresh air, aerobic exercise
wangsx782010-02-21 14:46:17 +0000 #5
outdoor running is mainly air Well, if you are surrounded by relatively quiet places such as avenues, parks and so on, of course, outdoor running is better, if there are plastic track so much the better.

Running on a treadmill to avoid outdoor weather conditions and different environmental factors, you can create for ourselves a relatively stable overall sports environment.

As for sports injuries, running campaign is knee will certainly be an impact, and outdoor track unless you are running in the plastics or similar running on the grass soccer field on the impact of the knee is relatively small, in the normal cement it is likely that the impact of the road running The plane also great. Good running machines with a damping function in the normal circumstances the impact is smaller than the cement pavement.

So, I propose that if a knee injury could be the best for other sports, if you really like jogging, then running when the damping effect of wearing good running shoes, knee position in the beam can be put on the knee sleeve (for rheumatism and support protection is a great help groups)



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