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50 minutes weight-loss program seeking the gym. Thank you

a0402572010-02-22 13:11:05 +0000 #1
seeking a detailed schedule of the gym to lose weight

I Height 180CM Weight 100KG now organized Chang fitness cards, want to lose weight and increase muscle. Has helped me develop a systematic increase muscle weight loss methods and diet? I now have 5-6 days a week now training time,

I do not like a bodybuilder Which will lead to the muscles, as long as no significant bloated like good-looking.

Do not copy, the trouble for people. Thank you, the
moshouhaihai2010-02-22 13:26:13 +0000 #2
I happened to lose weight the end of 40 days lost almost 20 pounds! You and my body is somewhat similar, you do not deliberately go to increase muscle, because you had such a weight, muscle growth must be clearance areas, and an appropriate increase to the focus on weight loss is the best policy. The most effective way to lose weight jogging, and referring to the next method I do not know your subject is not enough, I personally feel the effects, and 20 pounds should be very satisfied, you do not want to lose weight can be accelerated. Running at least 1 hour per day, plus local exercise equipment, of course, have the effect of increasing muscle. Running is very particular about the Village, I was also asked whether this method everywhere, and now concluding their own experience, network, coach combination! First gym, start Xianpao 20 to 30 minutes, with 20 to 30 minutes to warm up and consumption of glucose, speed not too fast, nor pay attention to slope and take the 5-minute speed of 5, then 5 minutes the speed 6,5 speed 7 minutes , 5-minute speed of 8, then 5 minutes the speed 7,5 speed 5 minutes. Point is to speed, I have experienced the effects of such a sweat rate of change than the original seven runs over 30 minutes of good, in fact, coaching is the proposal for sub-speed 3 minutes, specifically to depend on your physical ability to adapt, and physical condition, I physical condition of the middle bar. Then do equipment, you do what the first practice where the equipment, 12 the next group, every kind of three groups, each finished piece must be stretching exercise, muscles, or will be sore. Finally, the highlight of the last 1 hour run, I think you also know that time is not less, at the least 40, or poorly, because it is another 30 minutes before consumption of glucose, when the 30 minutes after the body begins to use fat, you it stopped! It would come to naught, white is being affected by bitter! Why do ---- the main points or the same, varied pace first walking, brisk walking, medium-speed, rate of weight loss, if not over 10. In addition to the segment to go with the 5,6 speed, running is 7.5,8.5,9.5, each 3 minutes here, I used in strict accordance with contest requirements, one walk, one run, one walk. I am still studying medicine, we face there is understanding of the kind was done in order not to fatigue, but also the metabolism of the body Department and the state of vigorous exercise, fat burning best decisions. If you're so insistent, will be able to thin, and I did not change their daily diet, maybe you can control, so you are definitely better. Do not listen to rumors, 1 week 10 pounds that, if she really had, the body is not good, patience, and I wish you, like me, a dream come true. Finally add, you said that you are able to drinking water, as long as the amount of drinking water is not a sudden surge, it is a good thing, drink plenty of water to the body is good, many people have no habit of drinking plenty of water, reminding everyone sentence, not to thirsty to drink water, drink plenty of points, and healthy.
105,787,0332010-02-22 13:48:32 +0000 #3
Now that you have run a card! Then you find a coach in that place chanting! So that you can find more suitable for your training methods had! Specific cases require specific solutions!
Pro-anti-Di2010-02-22 14:13:50 +0000 #4
Method 1: Every day Eat at least 8-9 glasses of water. Method 2: Using raw eggs shells aside, and then mixing them with honey to wash up in the morning and evening when the sleep time.
The little child child ◇2010-02-22 14:42:40 +0000 #5
I suggest you go to the gym to find a professional fitness trainer or nutrition consultant class, ask!

In the above questions, you can only judge based on intuition and personal preferences. Or listen to a good professional!! really ah



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