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I have every night before going to sleep is divided into three groups to do airborne bicycle exercis

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I think so, and weight loss depends on a reasonable diet and adequate exercise. If you really want to lose weight, on the same time, efforts in these two aspects, that is, three meals a day, morning and eat well, eat at noon, at night to eat less, do not eat greasy, over-sweet food, eat snacks, drink plenty of water,

As for the sports Well, better to eat before going to sleep after the exercise movement, a day half an hour after eating dinner right you like jogging or other exercise methods, such as air bicycle. No need to put herself very tired, legs were very acid, and then 2-3 times a week should have a large amount of exercise movement, such as long-distance running, etc., I prefer to play basketball, the effect is not bad. Lastly, I hope you will adhere to live, do not easily indulge themselves (including aspects of diet and exercise), weight loss guaranteed to succeed.
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activities just a bit.
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No, just a little fitness effect only



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