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I am 16 years old, weight 56kg, seeking someone give me develop a fitness plan, exercise the body.

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I read Wu school next year, so to be a preparation
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Fitness Program Table

1. Dumbbell exercise a part of the specific method:

a, chest

1. Horizontal nominated: The main train chest large chest muscle thickness and groove.

Action: two hand-held supine dumbbell bench, dumbbell placed shoulders, palm facing up, pushed to the arm dumbbell straight, pause, and then slowly restored. Tip: the push and fall was an arc, so that the full contraction of pectoralis major and thorough stretching.

2. On the ramp elected: The main practicing chest.

Action: Action essentials and Horizontal elected the same difference is transferred to the bench face angle of 30

40 degrees, oblique lie to do so.

3. Horizontal birds: The main training center chest ditch.

Action: supine bench, holding two dumbbells, palms relative, naturally straight in the chest, arms above the elbow to the side arms slightly curved dumbbell delegated to the lowest point, fully extending his chest, chest muscle contraction force to arms arc shape on the move to restore.

4. Supine straight arm pull-up: expanding the chest, practice pectoralis major, serratus anterior the best moves.

Action: shoulder sit cross-bench, feet touch the ground, his hands clenched in the chest at the top end of the dumbbell to the shoulder axis to the dumbbell slowly put (down) head back (feeling chest and thoracic stretch), put limits re - Tira dumbbell restored.

Note: To prevent damage, should not be too fast pace of decentralization process.

2, shoulder

1. Elected: The main train deltoid muscle before the beam, the beam and rear beam.

Action: sitting, two hand-held dumbbells in the side of the body, elbows outreach, palm forward, to push the dumbbells to the highest point of the arc, pause, slow control of dumbbell according to the original route (arc) to restore. Tip: can also be done standing, arms at the same time to do single-arm rotation can also be done.

2. Lateral Raise: The main practice in the deltoid muscle bundles.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the legs before the body slightly forward, elbows peg-leg, to both sides of the lifting dumbbells Zhijian Gao, so that the deltoid muscle in the "peak contraction" bit, pause, and then slow to restore control of shoulder muscles . Can also be done one arm, his arms rotation.

3. Leaned over Lateral Raise: The main beam after deltoid training.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells, palms relative, bent knees, physical stability, and arms to both sides on the move, and then slowly to restore control.

4. Shrug: The main train trapezius muscle.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the side of the body, knee peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, shoulders fully on to mention, the trial acromion lobe touch, pause, and then slowly to restore control.

3, back to 1. Leaned his arms Boat: The main training latissimus dorsi.

Action: knees slightly bent, hands holding the dumbbells, hanging at the bottom front of body to latissimus dorsi muscle contraction force pulling dumbbells to the elbow and shoulder height or slightly higher than the shoulder

position, pause, and then back width muscle tension force control to restore the dumbbell slowly. Note: Boat mainly in the latissimus dorsi muscle contraction extension, upper body should not be swarmed to avoid leveraging.

2. Bent arm rowing: The main train back, lateral, and lower back.

Action: holding dumbbells, palms inward, one hand stays the location of the ipsilateral leg knee implant to stabilize the body. Referred to the dumbbell waist position (back muscles fully contracted), pause, and then controlled the slow reduction (fully stretched back muscles), done at the side for the other side to do.

3. Straight leg dead lift: The main train lower back, gluteus maximus and biceps femoris.

Action: The dumbbell with both hands hanging in front of body, feet a natural opening, and shoulder width, straight legs, back straight, body flexion, the rise until the upper body is about parallel with the ground. Then under the back muscles contract to restore the force to upper body. Note: In order to maintain the tension force, the body flexion when the dumbbells do not touch the ground. Action should not be too fast.

4, biceps

1. Alternately curl: The main training biceps, biceps isolated.

Action: sitting (or standing), his hands holding dumbbells hang at the side of the body, palm relative, elbows by your sides. With the elbow as a fulcrum, upward curl, while forearm external rotation palm facing up, move to the highest point of tightening biceps, pause, and then to restore control. Rotation to do.

2. Ideas curl: The main train biceps muscle peak.

Action: standing, upper body the natural flexion, a hand-held dumbbells hang at the front of body, upper arm or leg posted by the ipsilateral knee. The other hand placed on the ipsilateral knee or leg bent and stable body. Dumbbell arm curl up to the highest point so that the contraction in the biceps to the limit, pause, and then slowly restored.

3. Scoliosis quote: The main training brachialis and forearm muscles.

Action: sitting (or standing), his hands holding the dumbbells hang at the side of the body, palm relative, upper arm close to side of the body, elbow as a fulcrum, forced upward curl to the highest point, pause, and then slowly restored. Tip: arms can be done at the same time can also be done alternately.

5, triceps

1. Posterior arm flexion and extension: The main training triceps.

Action: sitting (or standing), two hand dumbbell at one end in the back of the neck at the top, palm forward, upper arm fixed to the elbow as a fulcrum to do bent arm extension. Tip: arms can be done at the same time can also be done alternately.

2. Bent arm flexion and extension: The main training the upper triceps.

Action: bent, feet before opening into a bow in one hand and stays foreleg knee stability and the physical, the other holding dumbbells, upper arm close to side of the body. Forced back to the top of the cantilevers triceps forearms parallel with the ground, so that the limit triceps contraction, pause, and then slowly restored.

6, leg

1. Squat: The main training thigh muscles and gluteus maximus.

Action: hands holding dumbbells in each side of the body, or slightly higher than the shoulder dumbbell placed in the position to control the steady, feet about shoulder width of natural opening, feet slightly showed eight-shaped, chest, waist and back to tighten. Knees, squatting to the lowest, and then shrink Dunqi forced to restore the thigh.

2. Scissors-lunge squat: The main training gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, and quadriceps.

Action: two hand-held bell, feet a natural opening, step forward right foot forward, knees, legs, knees, almost close to the ground, into a scissors-lunge squat. After the completion of the required number of one leg for another leg before the cross to do.

3. Prone Leg quote: The main training biceps femoris.

Action: prone on a bench, feet clip dumbbell or dumbbell tied to his ankle, the calf vacant, his hands hold stool side, legs straight. Then biceps femoris hair force, bent legs, to the highest point so that biceps femoris in the "peak contraction" bit, pause to biceps femoris controlling the slow reduction of the tension force.


standing calf leg toes: The main train calf.

Action: a holding dumbbells, one hand on the fixture, standing on one foot before the foot pedal, the heel under the bottom out as far as possible, and the other leg Tuiqu Xi filed. A small leg muscle contraction force to bring heels to the highest point, pause, and then slowly restored. Alternating legs to do. The previous so-called aerobic strength is not to achieve the purpose of warm-up is to prevent injury.

The beginning beginners can use two days a differentiation system, is to practice two days a day off.

2. Bellied:

sit-ups: The feet resting on a high platform, so that they constitute two separate knee and hip angle. And then struggling up the body, micro-hand can touch the ears. 15-20x4

Most importantly, waist, lumbar muscle strain because of prolonged sitting position easily. Proposed multi-station at work bending over to turn up and doing the waist action. Exercise should wear Belt plate motion:

straight knee dead lift: weight should not be too, probably to do with the 18RM weight can be a 4-6 team 12RM enough, other actions can ask the gym's brother

wrestling Bridge: back walls, 2-3 steps forward, then backward bending, hand stays on the wall down, "walk" and to hit the floor. Hands insist stays on the ground, or can go back and forth up and down. Hing Wah Street West, but you can pin up and can not be moved. Note that this movement must not be trying to flaunt the beginning to go first to one to protect the walk. Yoga mat is recommended to do

various parts of the arrangement can be your own plans and to adjust, pay attention to try not to make a certain area within 48 hours, you can be a continuous exercise, and such actions can be divided into push and pull of two groups, alternating every other day or press the upper limbs, trunk, lower limb points. Since I was given lower extremity aerobic exercise, you can interspersed into the anaerobic equipment movement.

Note that they have no fatigue, restless mind, and some would take the initiative to leave the gym, otherwise easily lead to bad effects of an accident

Do not forget the first train running to warm up for at least 10 minutes. I like the approach is to use the maximum gradient of treadmill walking exercise to do, speed, about 6-8km / h, 5 minutes, and then rest for one minute, runs extra 5 minutes and then proceed to the practice over

the last stretch massage training parts of the muscles, go home -

food nutrition is very simple: eat some breakfast, eggs, milk, bread can be a

lunch supplement more energy, eat 0.5-1 2 rice, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. as you can eat cancer. Try to eat meat, chicken (peeled), followed by beef, fish, lots should be added. Is necessary to animal protein-based.

Fighting for fitness after work one hour to one and a half hour dinner eat protein and do not eat rice. 30 minutes after dinner began to eat more fruits, fruits and vegetables into the alkaline can speed up the metabolism of lactic acid.

In addition because the thinner your body needs to gain weight, I suggest you buy protein powder or powder increase muscle, in the exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour according to dose, the effect will be very good -

3. How to train a beautiful The abdominal muscles!

sit-ups is certainly the preferred abdominal training.

However, how to do is the most effect?

If you are fat, I mean if you are relatively thick layer of abdominal fat.

You must take aerobic exercise training in type approach.

Before jogging. 10 minutes.

Lie down and do sit-ups.

And then get up and running right away doing sprint. Persist for more than 30 seconds.

And then immediately lie down and do sit-ups.

Re-up, do jogging 3 minutes.

And then lie down.

Re-up, sprint running.

This Lianfa super tired. Few people can adhere to a month attached.

However, those who insist on down. Abdominal muscles are huge and cool!

If you own is very thin. It simple.

My approach is,

forget the people who fit the book talking about abdominal training methods and group number.

Insist are doing every day. Every day, do feel a sense of abdominal muscles are burning, forehead sweating up.

Standard is, when you stop, you have to do a hard look at Bayao straighten posture to relieve abdominal cramps.

Adhere to two weeks, your abdominal muscles on the specific type of.

In that sit-ups a new approach.

Traditional to do hair, the legs backside pressure on others, the curved legs, hands Baotou, you use elbows touch the knees.

In fact, this method can only be fed to practice the abdominal muscles that position. Xiao Duzi This is also how kind of how like.

Lian lower abdomen to be lying down, put his hands on both sides of the body. Leg lift.

Do not carry into the 90 degrees. Carrying more than 45 degrees as you can.

Repeatedly do. Xiao Duzi disappeared.

Again, I "ups" This action not do the full. Made segmented.

For example:

1, the first from the ground, back off the ground. Rose movement stopped at the half.

2, the body completely off the ground. Elbows touch the knees.

3, the body fell down, but do not touch the ground. Stopped in the action half.

4, the body completely collapsed. Ready for the next move.

More than the four steps once. 8 times for a group (more than you, you would usually do not. Tired go again!).

Effects of super-ruthless.

How to train a body-building abdominal muscles in the abdomen of the body of the most central, is particularly vulnerable to high-profile position. From the human body-building point of view, the true should be thin and fit and strong abdominal waist and abdominal muscles constitute a clear line. Therefore, please do not ignore the abdomen Bodybuilding.

1, sideways bending movement upright. Legs spread apart and arms held about flat, upper body flexion, with enough left to his right foot, right arm naturally on the move, legs and arms are not bent, inhale, and then restore, breath. Repeat pulls direction, and even do 8 times.

2, supine position with bent knees in sports. Left arm posted flat ground, legs straight and knees at the same time after the initiation, suction, so that the thigh close to abdomen, then exhale slowly restored. Repeat 8 times.

3, leg raise exercise abdomen is mainly under the abdominal muscles. Upper body supine, legs straight and raise as much as possible, and then slow down again. Done this exercise, the knees bent to continue to do the same action. Repeat 8 times.

4, sitting flexion tuck supine exercise mainly the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Legs straight and upper body backwards to maintain body balance, then knees, abdomen, so that extreme abdominal fold Qu. Exercise their feet can never touch the ground or bed.

5, "riding a bike" campaign in supine position. Flexion and extension rotation of the legs, riding a bike to imitate the movement, action, fast and flexible, as far as possible large range of flexion and extension. Lasted for 20-30 seconds.

6, Twister and a hand grip or pull some heavy weight for various positions of the Twister and turning exercises, in order to exercise external oblique and lower back muscles.

Or more sports, everybody can choose according to their own circumstances and, based on physical status of each exercise by a few up, and gradually increase to 2 times a day.

How to quickly train a sexy wave of increasing prevalence of abdominal muscles

movement, but must be in the gym to train the abdominal muscles do? The answer is: no. Of course, a professional fitness can be trained out of Perfect abs, but not in the gym and can be trained out of beautiful abdominal muscles. This time we will introduce you some moves, so that you can train the abdominal muscles at home; and we were divided into three sectors of action: elementary, middle class, advanced. Give you a different choice. In the absence of introduction before the first coach to remind you some important things and ideas:

1. Pre-exercise warm-up will take a few minutes to do.

2. Do not irritable, muscle training, moves more slowly Indeed, the effect of the more obvious, and the action is indeed better than hastily done to a valid.

3. Body fat and more people have to do first cardio exercise such as jogging, swimming, riding a bicycle and so on. Four to five times each week to do cardio exercise, and the time to do cardio exercise must be more than 40 minutes. If you do resistance training alone is no use, because you muscles are trained to cover the fat.

4. Body fat and more people are 21:00 Try not to eat after.

5. Intake of food,Try a little less starchy foods such as rice, pasta, bread ... and so on, to lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and sweet fruits were less instead.

6. Exercise forced expiratory and vice versa suction.

7. To do when the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles antagonistic muscles, lower back problems so people have to go to the doctor, doing abdominal training must live within its means for the next time there will be no back discomfort.

8. Another point is important: endurance + determination + perseverance


Take a few minutes each day, according to the different levels of the three groups at every level have done, I believe that soon, you will have a perfect abdominal muscles of each.

A Primer

1. Abdominal body

Reverse Crunches reverse roll back under the force: a low-risk

body lying on the ground, hands flat on both sides of the body for stability in the body, feet, knees about 90 degrees combined. Movement, force the lower abdomen hips lifted, so that the knee as close as possible to your chest, then slowly return to starting point. The next 15-20 repetitions.

2. Flanks flanks Broom Twists Twist

lower back by the force: a low-risk

legs open with the shoulder width, knees Microbend, his hands on the long sticks on the open. Rotate upper body exercise is about 80 degrees, then slowly return to being the right spin. Under side of the 25 repetitions.

Note: The lower back and spinal problems who do not too much rotation, as well as lower body rotation of the position will not moved.

3. Abdominal Crunches: Touch Knee-Lower body touch the knee roll back force: a low-risk

upper body lying down, and knees at about 60-90 degrees into the hands placed on the knees. Movement, led by upper abdominal force at this time Shuang Zhang will move forward slightly, as long as there is upper abdomen can feel forced, then slowly come back, do not let the shoulders touch the ground. The next 15-20 repetitions.

4. Compound action upper abdomen and lower abdomen, lower back Elbows to Knees

force: the risk of

upper body lying down, his hands placed in the ear next to your feet off the ground knees greater than 90 degrees, the angle the greater the more difficult. Movement, abdominal body and legs inward driving force, so that the elbow as close to the knees, slowly return to starting point, not to lay down their legs, shoulders do not touch ground. The next 12-15 repetitions.

B in the order

5. Leg Raises lower abdomen, lower back straight legs give

force: high-risk

body lying on the ground, his hands placed on the bottom side below the feet straight merger. Movement, abdominal force lifted his legs, knees slightly bent can not be completely straight, this time into the body of about 90-100 degrees. When slowly back down, heel does not touch the ground. Repeat Count 12 under.

6. Flanks Side Jackknife

lower back by the force: a low-risk

body to the left lie down in a straight line, left palm placed on the right flanks, the left leg bent at about 90 degrees, right hand on the ear next to right foot straight. Exercise with the flanks at the same time to promote upper body and right leg inward, and then slowly return to starting point, feet do not touch the ground. Repeat Count 12 under.

Note: Do not only the first turn, let the upper shoulders off the ground as far as possible.

7. Epigastric abdominal volume Crunches Knee Bent body "knees"

lower back by the force: a low-risk

upper body lying down, and knees at about 60-90 degrees, with both hands placed on the ear side. Movement, driven by the strength of abdominal upper body, so close to the thigh, knee and elbow as far as possible, and then slowly back, shoulders do not touch the ground. The next 12-15 repetitions.

8. Compound action upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks Bicycles bike

lower back the air force: the risk of

upper body lying down, his hands placed in the ear next to your feet off the ground at about 90 degrees flexion. Movement, driven by the strength of the whole abdomen, upper body twist, lower body like a bike with a right elbow as close as possible left knee, right leg straight as far as possible, and then change sides, the left elbow, right knee as close as possible. Repeat Count 12 under.

NOTE: Action can not be too fast.

C Advanced

9. Hip Raise lower abdomen, hips lower back on the move

force: the risk of

body lying on the ground, hands flat on both sides of the body for stability in the body, feet and body combined swarmed about 90 degrees . Exercise, the lower abdomen hips driving force on the move, so that the buttocks off the ground, so that the focus falls on the shoulders, then slowly return to starting point, the buttocks do not touch ground. The next 10-12 repetitions.

10. Flanks Side Leg Raises: Both Legs feet flanks lift

lower back side of the force: a low-risk

This action is extended from the top flanks Side Jackknife, the upper body position remains unchanged, lower body legs straight. Legs and upper body exercise at the same time inward swarmed, and then slowly return to starting point, feet do not touch the ground. Repeat Count 12 under.

Note: Do not only turn his head around, to upper shoulders off the ground as far as possible.

11. Epigastric Toe Touches touch-foot roll body

lower back by force: the risk of

upper body lying down, hands and body straight about about 90 degrees; combined swarmed around his legs and body is about 90 degrees. Movement, abdominal driving force refers to the body as far as possible with both hands near the toes, then slowly come back, shoulders do not touch the ground. Repeat Count 12 under.

12. Compound action upper abdomen, lower abdomen, Jackknife (V-ups)

lower back by force: high-risk

body lying down hands and feet all straight. Movement, hands and feet while moving toward the center, then slowly down, heels do not touch ground. Repeat Count 12 under.

(A) practicing abdominal Quest:

a, semi-Yang Shen sit.

It is sit-ups, based on the right rectus abdominis effective way to conduct intensive training. Doing sit-ups, the upper body rising from the supine to 45 degrees with the ground is not a boxer before the stage of the highest burden of rectus abdominis. Because this is the start-up phase, there are sternocleidomastoid, pectoralis major, intercostal, lumbar minor muscle, psoas muscle and iliac muscles, etc. work together. More than 45 degrees, due to the weight of heart to the hip pivot point of the "resistance arm" continues to shorten, abdominal muscles have played into the "crane effect" increasing the amount of the burden on small, and therefore is not the heaviest burden of rectus abdominis is the development of It is "anti-growth and function of resistance," the best time. Therefore, the extension of the body in 45-degree angle is to increase the duration of the amount of an effective way to stimulate the abdominal muscles. This is a semi-Yang Shen sitting exercises to in-depth training one of the reasons rectus abdominis. The second reason is the body at a 45 degree angle oblique, the rectus abdominis muscle contraction in the resistance against the state of heavier slower, static component of force are more muscular tension in response to the strongest, it is right rectus abdominis muscle for static of training, a good time. Yang Shen sat half-way: lying on the floor or the bench, Shuangshoubaotou, feet hooked stool head belts due to fix things. Then, chest Zhi Yao, head on the top, in order to lengthen the upper body of the "gravity arm." Then, the idea rectus abdominis hair force, upper body stable and rising, when the 45-degree angle with the ground when you maintain the position does not move, do works of static exercise. For the smooth Xiongshihuxi breathing and can not hold back fresh breath. Static stop a group of about 30 seconds, gradually sit or stand up for active rest. Can make use of break time for deep breathing and abdominal self-massage. Intermittently for about a minute or so, practicing 4-8 group. Reaches a certain degree, can be extended quiet time to stop. With the semi-Yang Shen ability to continuously improve the ride can hold dual-head grip dumbbells or a barbell after the film to do the movements in order to increase the load rectus abdominis to facilitate their faster growth. In addition, the expansion can be combined to do some sexual action. To deepen the training.

2, half-sitting sideways.

It is an extension of sit-ups and development, in addition to physical exercise on the outer edge of the outer side of the rectus abdominis is the exercise with the main body side of the abdominal oblique, external oblique, transverse abdominal muscle and intercostal muscle , so that waist muscles strong and lean up. Exercise and a half to sit sideways: sideways lying on a bench, feet hooked a stool after the former head of a horizontal band, Shuangshoubaotou, the deliberate use of body hair on the side of the muscle force, so that upper body lift to the side. When the reached the surface into a 45-degree angle bench, the stationary, persist in doing static nature of exercise. Static stop a group of 20-30 seconds, lying under the rest, do deep breathing and self-massage to relax. Intermittently for about a minute, exercise time, with the physical ability to continuously improve and adapt can gradually increase the difficulty and the negative weight of action to enhance the exercise effect. There are many ways to increase movement difficulty may be straight waist, the top high-head, elongated upper body resistance arm on the side of the body muscles to bear a greater emphasis on the role of torque, so that more muscle fibers into a more intense work. May also hold dumbbells or a discus throw his hands in the head after the film, do strength training. Exercise should pay attention to the turn of practice so that both sides of the waist on both sides of the balanced development of abdominal muscles. Half was sitting sideways requirements: 1, shoulder, hip and ankle joint in a lateral plane, not a forward pike phenomenon; 2. Use Xiongshihuxi, not a breath-holding phenomenon; 3, intermittent massage to relax the muscles when a timely manner in order to avoid the main train muscle spasm. In case of cramps, they should immediately sit to the side to do anti-stretch relaxation of pike action, with massage and breathing deep, slow blow off steam, while conditioning can be eliminated; 4, static stopped, they can screw a little shoulder or shoulder the additional vibration actions to enhance the exercise effect.

3, Yang-half-leg raise.

Supine on a bench, lumbar pad, after a soft material, both feet to trap the apron at one end, and the other end of sleeve wear clothing from the stool of bamboo under the surface front, one hand under the grip bamboo stools back, and the other hand on the grip body side stool surface in order to maintain body balance. Then, lift legs straight when held to the surface with the stool of 45-degree angle, the rest do static nature of exercise. At this point, the Executive bamboo hand pulling upward in order to stretch rubber ring, increasing the resistance of the world-famous legs, fully stimulate the abdominal muscles, while quadriceps on top has also been a good exercise. This exercise can effectively increase the intensity of the negative of tea, because in post-lumbar pad soft pillow, so that when the fulcrum leg raise to move from the hip waist, the increase in the upper rectus abdominis "heavy torque load" can make the top more Fast is developed; the same time, bamboo and rubber circle on the bench constituted under the "lever resistance" can increase the load on the lower rectus abdominis and stimulate its lower end is developed faster. Physical exertion in this exercise quickly, should be arranged to do at the end of the training course. To stop this practice in order to calm as a sister species of 20-30 seconds, 1 minute interval between the two groups, exercises 4-8 group, bamboo Yam pulling force can be master of their own to train the "sign of the furnace" and the training of the muscle response determined.

4, right-angle oblique to sit.

Sit-floor growth stool, his hands in the hip side of Fu Zhu floor or stool grip surface in order to maintain body balance, then slowly abdomen leg lift, upper body and legs simultaneously raised to the ground at 45 degree angle, the stationary to carry out static nature of exercise. Peer Keren beside Fuzhu the shoulder and leg training. Side to help maintain body balance, one side dictate Breaking pressure, with the training of those forces in combat, so that those who practice in a highly strained abdominal muscles, insisted on a group of 20-30 seconds Kushiro, 1 minute interval between the two groups, exercise 4 -8 group. This is a "two-kiu" action to increase the difficulty of the exercises, can effectively developed the middle of rectus abdominis. Such as holding tight to make the maximum intensity exercise, then the middle of abdominal cramps may occur the phenomenon of lifting approach is timely to do Gufu deep breathing, and then slowly exhaled, while doing abdominal massage to relax. To strengthen my abdominal muscles, in addition to understand the structural features of abdominal muscles, in the action mode and the negative weight think of more ways, the hard training, but also a determination and patience. In addition, the use of the following actions to conduct comprehensive training is also an important way: after the pike into a bridge-shaped, can such a large body of weight-bearing flexion; supine leg raise, hip ride foot of a wall, up high-volume body; in high horizontal bar on the drape to do weight-bearing holding leg; in rings inverted hang hanging knees to do high-volume weight-bearing body; and so on, exercises should be slow mainly static.

Static exercise supplemented by power on training, supplemented by volatile movements more difficult moves, which is probably trained in "abdominal astonishing" secret.

(B) of the lumbar Exercise:

1, straight leg dead lift

Initial posture: legs open, with shoulder width or slightly narrower, straight legs and body flexion, holding his hands on the ground barbell bar, grip slightly wider in the shoulder.

Action short-range: Hold the barbell with both hands, force his arm pulled back, supreme body completely straight, and then slowly back along the same route, repeat.

Action Role: This action enables the body most of the muscles, tendons, bones and joints are all subject to greater stimulation, in particular, to highlight the training back muscles and thighs biceps femoris, gluteus maximus and so on.

Action points: straight leg dead lift asked not to be bent legs, the waist should be straight, do not Gongyao. As is usually dead lift the weight of larger, so fierce early bogey pull up to avoid injury waist.

2, goats to come forward to

the initial posture: prone to come forward in the frame or box horse goat, the upper body naturally drooping, feet fixed on the shelves, or by others hold him down, Shuangshoubaotou.

Action Process: shrink back muscles, so that the body on the Gong Qi, to peak a little to stop a moment, then slowly along the same route back, repeat.

Action Role: The main train back long brevis muscle and back, right gluteus maximus and thigh muscles after the group has a good stimulating effect.

Action points: speed of movement is not uniform since Meng Meng down, try to tighten up when bent back muscles, strength, when Shuangshoubaotou no power behind his hands when fitness schedule

When you are designing your training plan, remember: a muscle with weight training interval of at least 48 hours. Your muscles need time after training to restore and repair itself. Do not have one day per week to schedule any formal training. Before exercise to do at the beginning of a five-minute warm-up, such as jogging, cycling (gym), rope skipping, or to conduct a slow bouncing exercises (jumping jacks)

weekly program is divided into three parts:

1, strength exercises: each Week Three. This paper describes the body's muscle exercises, one of which is exercise for the legs

2, the extra exercise cardiopulmonary function: selective, non-muscle training day. Example, for cars, running, swimming, walking, and using treadmills. Recommended once a week, one day interval running, and the remaining two days to do light exercise such as walking.

3, abdominal training: twice a week. I recommend strength training or intermittent running done before.

Your weekly training arrangements

From now on,You want to start doing circuit training and thus the potential to play your muscles. In other words, you will after the completion of a set of training, resting only 30 seconds to quickly put into training for another group. In accordance with the training here in order to go; it will let you in different groups where training to the different body muscles. (Click here for a complete description of the training and guidance photo)

by training different parts of the body, you will keep your body working condition and able to complete the training back to back without rest. This is a circuit training benefits: you will save time, because when you use different muscle groups will reduce the time needed to rest. More importantly, you will maintain a heart rate training process, so you will exercise the more fat consumed - whether in the gym or in your bedroom.

In the first two weeks of training, do two rounds. Each group exercise rest time interval of less than 30 seconds. When you have completed a cycle, rest 1-2 minutes, and then completed the second cycle. After the first two weeks, when you have been able to quite comfortably in an exercise to complete two cycles, increase to three cycles. In each training, with that you can comfortably meet the required number of times that weight. When it becomes very simple, each increased about 10% of the weight. The following is an example of training arrangements.


stressed body strength training, abdominal exercises abdominal training is completed for each

a group, and then complete the rest of the circuit training twice.

Training program repetition rest group of traditional sit-ups a few

* (Traditional Crunch)

12-15 No 1

knee leg raise * (Bent-Leg Knee Raise) 12-15 No 1

oblique V ju * ( Oblique V-Up) on each side 10 No 1

Bridge * (Bridge) 1 or 2 without a

Back Extension * (Back Extensions) 12-15 No 1

give Barbell squat (Squat) 10-12 30 s 2

bench press (Bench Press) 10 30 s 2

Cord (Pulldown) 10 30 s 2

sit cite barbell (Military Press) 10 30 s 2

mention barbell (Upright Row) 10 30 s 2

trans-push-ups (Triceps Pushdown ) 10-1230 s 2

sitting lift leg (Leg Extension) 10-12 30 s 2

arm curved bickering Bell (Biceps Curl) 10 30 s 2

prone position lift leg (Leg Curl) 10-12 30 Miao 2

Tuesday (optional):

Easy cardiopulmonary functional training, such as walking

(30 minutes, brisk pace)


stressed abdominal systemic strength training

the completion of a group of abdominal exercises, and then complete the rest of the circuit training twice a

training program repetition rest group of traditional sit-ups a few

* (Traditional Crunch)

12-15 No 1

pulse effect * (Pulse Up)? 12 No 1

Bend * (Saxon Side Bend)? each side 6-10 months without a

Side Bridge * (Side Bridge)? each side of 1 or 2 without a

Back Extension * (Back Extensions) 12 -- 15 No 1

give Barbell squat (Squat) 10-12 30 s 2

bench press (Bench Press) 10 30 s 2

Cord (Pulldown) 10 30 s 2

sit cite barbell (Military Press) 10 30 s 2

mention barbell (Upright Row) 10 30 s 2

trans-push-ups (Triceps Pushdown) 10-12 30 s 2

sitting lift leg (Leg Extension) 10-12 30 s 2

arm curved bickering Bell (Biceps Curl) 10 30 s 2

prone position lift leg (Leg Curl) 10-12 30 s 2

Thursday (optional):

Easy cardiopulmonary functional training, such as walking

(30 minutes, the pace of brisk )


stressed the legs body strength training

to complete a full cycle of training, two training programs

repetition rest group a few

give barbell squat (Squat) 10-12 30 s 2

lie push (Bench Press) 10 30 s 2

Cord (Pulldown) 10 30 s 2

are stretching (Traveling Lunge)? 10-12 each leg 30 seconds 2

sitting cite barbell 10 30 s 2

raise the barbell 10 30 Miao 2

stepping stones 10-12 each leg 30 seconds 2
-trans-push-ups 10-1230 s 2

sitting carried calf 10-1230 s 2

arm curved bickering bell 10 30 s 2

Prone leg lift 10 -- 12 30 s 2

Saturday (optional):

stressed that intermittent abdominal running

complete a group of abdominal training, and then choose one we recommend intermittent running.

Training programs repetition rest group of traditional sit-ups a few


knee leg raise 12-15 None 12 No 1

6-10 each side of the ramp give no one no one

Bridge 1-2 without a back extension 12-15

Sunday Closed



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