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How kind of long Zhuang

Peach City Wushu Long2010-02-23 04:10:17 +0000 #1
brother 15 years old third-year junior high school one-meter 78 which is thin and why foreigners were strong and I Mody nutrition is to eat to keep up with the general eating beef, pork and shrimp is also a day to sleep in accordance with law to sleep in Leonardo da Vinci Why not put the long-practiced Sanda, but I have also not seen for months or longer ah
biejunlei82010-02-23 04:12:41 +0000 #2
Sanda is one thing, at the end of Sanda training, to give appropriate weight-bearing strength training, such as the shoulder exercise, grip strength, arm strength exercises, waist exercises, back exercises and leg exercises.

Fighting in the leg forces will affect your punching power and whip legs, sweep the leg strength, can be said that leg strength is the foundation strength.

Meat can add protein, but increased muscle is a need for a comprehensive nutrition project, carbohydrates, vitamins are essential.

In general, one day, your intake of calories than you burn extra calories of heat will increase body weight.

If you eat the more weight may also be no increase in the absorption problem. You can Eat small meals often to ensure that a meal 2-3 hours



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