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How can I get strong build?

348,512,8172010-02-23 05:10:54 +0000 #1
My 18-year-old, height 172cm, weight 70KG, no upper body muscles, and my waist circle of pot abdominal little. Most muscles in the hip and big legs, but there are a lot of fat, it seemed more lower body fat. Next ask some experienced people how I can be of strong build and points, well-proportioned body points. Including diet, exercise advice.
qd8141372010-02-23 05:20:48 +0000 #2
I answered a lot of - a similar problem -

you have time you can Kanxia ---

You go to school at this age or in the bar should be - if it is a long time, then the University of relatively abundant exercise spend more time more -

If it is high, then three - then the time is very small -

So, how much time and exercise choice is also not the same as -

on the whole - is running essential -

the high leg lift and running could reduce the fat thighs and buttocks ---

push-ups mainly upper body exercise class, exercise essential - this can make the body a more proportioned ---

weekly exercise is closed two days a week - in week 3 and week 6, when ---

3 days a week, mainly to the upper body workout - with running the class - which should be a day of exercise we go a great amount of -

2 days is based on body work-based training - a small amount of a little upper body exercise --- which should be running the day are more - (for example - to run a 3,000 m 1W meters above the - or the varied pace and the sprint race with a -)
qilaweite2010-02-23 05:23:45 +0000 #3
Bone was born, and insist on doing all kinds of movement, push-ups, sit-ups, lifting dumbbells



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