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Stiff muscles can not be self-relaxation

angryglader2010-02-23 13:10:58 +0000 #1
there is more than a year, and a beginning of performance is the upper arm deltoid muscle, power was basically normal, but there is no endurance, a typical example is the brush and poker card grasp this simple short-term movements , and make me feel very tired and sore deltoid muscle, left and right were the case, as has been held up his arm so that both sides of the deltoid muscle are in a fatigue-like, and thus sleep affected, unable to side, or deltoid will feel numb.

About 8 months ago, a similar feeling in the small calf (legs), go a long way, the speed is not fast, but the calf will soon be feeling very tired, sore, just like that bear the two muscles the pressure like a long time, but in fact probably only a few hundred meters away road. This is never happened in the past, and I used to be able to walk a very long way to go quickly and will not sore (of course, does not always go so


Another touching a small calf, obviously feeling, even in the absence of movement when the body completely relaxed, is still hard, for example, sleep wake up, or soak in hot springs where whole body relaxation time, holding a calf muscle, significantly higher than the other were much more hard, sore even when the hard, just like there are aware of taut muscles-like, but the consciousness is to try to relax.

The above is my situation, who knows how the matter? Or have a friend in similar situations about what subjects should go to the hospital diagnosis and treatment? To be honest, I do not know that the hanging Han registered Section!

Thank you, oh! ! ! ! ! !

ldz198711062010-02-23 13:16:43 +0000 #2
1. exercise excessive

2. cooling the body after exercise less than

3. attention is over-concentration of

4. heart suggesting

If these causes are still not overcome post-effective, and went to the hospital to see

recommendations every time you do not immediately after strenuous exercise rest, proper walking, doing is counter-clockwise circling movement of the shoulders and relax the spirit of

bath hot compress shoulders, and appropriate force massage

Do not suddenly force the issue should not
King King 8882010-02-23 13:30:37 +0000 #3
This is part of muscle rigidity, we recommend washing a hot shower live massage can relax the muscles.



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