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How to exercise the muscles in order to Strength?

gzpanjianhua2010-02-25 20:10:59 +0000 #1

Cai Xiaoyang2010-02-25 20:22:25 +0000 #2
Louzhu the weight of fat, if the surface is not more like a direct train muscles. If the surface fat, more or less what the first, or may be practicing out of slightly thicker body.

Arm strength pull-up and push-ups on the good, the muscles of the body most able to exercise that group to do, adhere to a long time slowly increase the number. Professional point of lying and thought they would no longer move and birds.

If you want to train leg muscles and bounce, then look for the beach or big bunker practice and continuous tuck jump straight leapfrog directly to practice jumping ability, and also groups do, along with arch-basis-point jump. Right leg muscle strength exercise can also add a little stage movement and tie sandbags jogging. Be sure to fully warm up before even bounce.

Whether training arm strength, or jumping, do not overload, strain, if not only to be discounted, but it is difficult to practice after the muscle had increased.

During the day followed by eat egg white, milk, boiled meat and sinew, very effective.
Super strong baby2010-02-25 20:39:08 +0000 #3
bench press dead lift squat fighting, but not for the three strength training for beginners
stairs please Corner2010-02-25 21:28:49 +0000 #4
In fact, there are some natural causes --- Some people born with great strength. .
Gundam R2010-02-25 21:42:55 +0000 #5
strength training bench press squat



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