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Exercise with the squat jump height will affect the bounce do?

qyddshuai2010-02-26 08:10:46 +0000 #1
: [9 S (K * d * d + A is now very worried about Chang Bugao, because friends are around the students gradually higher than me. I used to be high. .. But now have reason to hope that points The answer to me please? Thank you very much 啦.
Non-Tien-hsia, 19892010-02-26 08:26:21 +0000 #2
Do not worry, 14-year-old is still in development time, and I was like you, but now like them even taller than they are high-ah . time. there you have that question, it will affect, and would like to increase milk is the best way to play basketball --- must be a high trick, the letter I
春 の onions2010-02-26 08:49:19 +0000 #3
squat jump, mainly leg strength, your back more and more rough, but the height is not good, I suggest you run the race -



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