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Development of exercise (muscle) training process: seeking fitness Daren or basketball veteran to

yi197182312010-02-26 20:11:33 +0000 #1
my third year, and for basketball, bodybuilding and training for the body! A day does not have much spare time, I am now is the night train 20 minutes of high-density,

adhered to fast for two months! Now thorax and abdomen are trained in very effective, and

I am now trying to push-ups and sit-ups, combined with the same time, join the leg strength training: squat, toes ...

Please help me to develop the next training trip!

Made some skills, experience,

very grateful!

I have only 2 am, I am all for you!
qd8141372010-02-26 20:22:14 +0000 #2
Your such a high density of night, whether the training - you do bring discomfort - such as poor quality of sleep - a long time before lying down to sleep - or - middle of the night insomnia -

In theory - one and a half hour before going to bed - do --- give rise to a strong movement of the cerebral cortex of the over-excitement - poor quality of sleep caused by insomnia situation -.

It is proposed that training should not just at night - also out of 15-20 minutes during the day as far as possible - I can better arrangement -

If you have time during the day if you can during the day with leg strength, - more than at night Ban divine strength, -

during the day can be - Squat Jump - 5-8 1 Group - 5 groups do - the middle one-minute break - (this minute is not really a break - the first break 10 seconds to do 30 meters of varied pace - requested variable both times -. In the bus back to in-situ control of breathing --- when asked about the time may have then to be able to continue to squat jump.)

standing jump - legs slightly songs - with the toe hair strength -. 5-10 a group - to do five groups - one group finished 10 seconds after the break - to do in-situ high leg lift -30-40 months a group - faster control in 30 seconds. Finished 10 seconds after the break. Will not be any jump -.

During the day time, then at night to do upper body exercises show need not be so tight a -

push-ups - (if one can do up to 20) then 15 a group or a group of 10 - to do five groups - the middle of Rest 30 seconds - can do both a squat jump or take-off classes - relax - the body -

sit-ups --- (if one can do up to 30) would make 20 a group of 3 groups -. A break of 20 seconds to 30 seconds,

to give you a move - sit back rest

A. Key training areas: the biceps, pectoralis major, deltoid and teres major muscle and so on. B. Start Location: body supine, hands slightly behind the stays in the stool, the feet on the lower bench on the other parts of the body floating. C. Action Process: breath, shoulders relaxed, arms slowly elbow flexion, the body sink as far as possible (in particular, Shen hip), pause 2-3 seconds, then inhale, stretch his arms propped forced to restore the body. Repeat to do. D. Training points: arm flexion and extension when the medium-speed stability, the body should be straight, elbows to arms inside the folder. Raise the height or weight-bearing foot can be difficult to improve training and increase load stimulus. To do what you do more can do the number of branches 2 for a group of 3 - of 3 to 5 groups -.

If you do not have time during the day, then - can - squat with the leg lift (or a varied pace) -. Take-off with the push-ups - (that is, a group finished a movement - rest 10 seconds to 20 seconds to do the other kinds of actions a group - a mixture of do -) supine sit-ups with the back rest - like the time their control - and then tell when the movement - rest, rest time, we must concentrate on regulating breathing is very important to find a ----
444,313,8392010-02-26 20:59:48 +0000 #3
Wade's training methods can be combined. . . Weight-bearing squat and squat. . . . You calculate your weight one third is enough. . . Once every 3 days. . Must be done when one has done can not afford. . Practice your explosive power and jumping of the. . . . Of course, both good and uphold the push-ups and sit-ups every day. . . This can also have been slowly load. . I think you have only 20 minutes. . . . It equally. . . . . . . . . Of course, exacerbated when a holiday. . . . To remind you. . To say no use relying on willpower
QQ661966372010-02-26 21:23:43 +0000 #4
You can buy a pair of dumbbells. Exercise calf muscles can hold dumbbell with both hands. Then a natural to stand. Arms down. Toe pad. A group of 20 times. A break of 1 minute. Before continuing. Night three groups.



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