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You help me arrange the health of the next night and the morning exercise

wailiyu87872010-02-27 10:10:54 +0000 #1
I have 8:00 to go to work. I did not tempered a long time. I want to own the next exercise. By the way want to be able to split legs. Now 20 years old?劈腿 do not know if I can do? And my man's height, slightly thin, and the stomach was a bit of China also wants to excel at his abdominal muscles. My home about 1,000 m mountain, 3,000 meters of schools. Hope that we can help me arrange a time to form. Such as how and when to spend time doing what the exercise. 8:00 to go to work. . Some sleep 6 o'clock at night to work. Are also arranged. . . Thank you. . . No recently divided embarrassing. .
DUSHANBING2010-02-27 10:24:43 +0000 #2
in the morning and the evening can be pressure stretching ah (on the windowsill or table \ legs stretched as far as possible \ the best pain)

In order to avoid persist long \ time to look at stretching books Or listening to music, not aware of it half an hour on the OK, and

push-ups can be done at any time, a group of 20-30 \ 3-5 for each group (according to their own circumstances)

And then there are additional attention to the nutritional absorption of soy

commuting can be running


get up before the exercise the body can do sit-ups ah \ training the abdominal muscles can also prevent fragmentation Xiaodu



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