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A long time for fitness muscle

Olive Chang2010-02-27 14:10:35 +0000 #1
My 19 years old, one-meter 9, and weighs just 65KG, it is too skinny.

My trapezius may be some congenital defects, scapula prominent, before the concave shoulders, wearing clothes very ugly in itself a great frame, but looked very narrow shoulders. Opening in March, I hope that in March before the summer to wear short-sleeved trapezius was trained in their normal, and let the shoulders turn, the existing condition that can go to the gym, as well as protein powder drink.

Want to ask you the next three months, there is no possible to his trapezius (shoulder blade the following I will mainly talk), practicing together, so that pressure under the shoulder blade to shoulder open, while also training under the deltoid, Canada wide shoulders.

Note that, my friends, I asked was that three months would be linked to intentions to practice, not training methods, the coach can give me the arrangements for me to find ways friends may not sub-strategy.
y198704162010-02-27 14:20:31 +0000 #2
fair to say that 3 months will not be much change.

First: Is your weight to height ratios of disorders, prove your appetite, eating habits or poor absorption capacity is not strong! This will be a great burden on your flesh! Do not know how much of your basic metabolism, I guess in about 3000-3500 calories, and your diet one day be able to increase intake of 3500 calories Mody? Or how can absorb heat? Do not, and I said, protein powder, because the most basic of energy intake is not enough, like flesh is simply fantasy.

2nd: Your height will limit your growth, height is a double-edged sword, practice produce results after a super beautiful! However, the outcome is that you practice a shorter time than the other two to three times as many people! Leverage longer and more demanding! Taller needs more muscle, but it happens to your metabolism more than others, the results need to eat more than others, multiplying the food

No. 3: What is your height and weight ratio, prove your strength will not be great, and the muscle memory loss, resulting in the first few months you will be the "long-Jin is not long meat" (because you do the weight and your muscles will not lead to destruction of sustainability)

Fourth: the deltoid muscle is the strongest of human endurance One of muscle groups, like legs arm, can not by muscle, coupled with another of your weaknesses, so results will not be very good.

In conclusion, I hope you correct your ideas:

1. Do not think carefully trained to be, you also need to eat heart, heart break.

2. Three months is too short not to limit the number of fitness time, you need to relax your mind in order to go farther.

3. Your height might hinder you, make you pay more, get less, but I hope that you will not be discouraged. (I 188CM, personally experienced)

Fitness is also a health heart, and Jun mutual encouragement.
a2827970772010-02-27 14:56:59 +0000 #3
daily adhere to the coach's methods, 3 months can be achieved the effect you want
l709282010-02-27 15:02:50 +0000 #4
want to say a long muscle, then it should be said as long as the president of practice every day, and the evening (when the muscles are resting length ) bear fruit. But the long process is gradual, and a day be longer, 3 months there will be significant improvement.

To have a good look, I think that will take at least a year or so, but to train the perfect size, had about three years. (Muscle training in the beginning will be painful, body pain, this time we must hold on a while, will be gradually better adapted)

So if you feel the need to improve the size, from the start now and stick to it bar!



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