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My abdominal muscles on the left than the right of the big, how do

chr1sun2010-02-27 14:10:48 +0000 #1
estimate is wrong to do sit-ups. Now the right side of the left big smaller.

Want to correct sit-ups, sit-ups should be done when the left elbow with

touch the right knee, or use the right elbow touching left knee?
jzwq012010-02-27 14:13:31 +0000 #2
Oh - I saw your question yesterday, and some people's abdominal structure is not the same, that is a natural, like bodybuilding Mr. Ronnie. Kuhlmann and Joe. Carter's abdominal muscles is not the case, and some people's abdominal muscles are not symmetrical, like the F1 racing flag black and white, as also a very good looking! Each have their own beauty.

If, as you said, to correct, this would be to touch left knee with right elbow would be more better,

There is also a must practice is to use the gym for sit-ups board, seated left turn after the upper body body a little bit of almost 45-degree angle, (do not turn much ah) hands on ears, elbows hit (Zhang) open, do sit-up exercises, as well as attention (that is, ideas) are concentrated in your right four fast on the abdominal muscles. So would be better, sit-up exercises are not going up and so simple, is the upper body was C-shaped belly roll Oh! ! - Feeling upper body is rolled up, not Stiffness straight up,. . . Did not know that you came to understand not, Oh,

have you looking down the left side of your belly bulge is not obvious (and normal force), not too clear on the right, too obvious, I suggest you go check your the liver and stomach, after all, related to medicine is one I do not understand, Lou Zhu finished my answer, I wish you a happy fitness!
solomonfl0012010-02-27 14:47:12 +0000 #3
I do not like the left 2 right 3

Q brick home and gave the answer "exercise uneven"



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