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How to go to the gym fitness? Seeking a reasonable fitness program!

Alt_F40012010-02-28 03:10:35 +0000 #1
I 1.90 centimeters tall and weighs 70 kg practiced three years of sports

would like to practice very upper limb muscles

seek a reasonable fitness program (nothing to eat every day to talk about)

do not know understand the master to the other comments thank you

Well more reward
ldz198711062010-02-28 03:22:34 +0000 #2
First of all, we must give up the idea of only the upper extremity training. Because when you practice to a certain degree of upper and lower limbs, if not equally developed, it will restrict the development of full-body muscle groups. Therefore, the most important leg. Again, not a day training to your level, to increase muscle, the next day for the benefit.


Monday: A. Bench press (flat) 10 group. B. Neck pull 4 groups. C. Asuka 6-8 group. D. Elected four groups

bench press pyramid to follow the principle of initiation group to the small weight of multi-frequency-based, to limit the weight of 1-3 can be made when the final two sets of small weights to the end of the chest exercises. As the bench press in the three muscles had bloodshot, so when the pull back of the neck exercises such as weight directly from the beginning, the end of the group to the end of a small weight. For starters, the shoulder muscles in as far as possible the weight of more than a small number of incentives, benefits, each number should be more than 12 months.

Wednesday: A. Chin-up (or heavy hammer down) 8-10 group. B. Curved bar barbell curl 5 groups. C. Dumbbell Arm flexion and extension 3 groups.

Chin-up (heavy hammer, the drop-down) the frequency of each exhaustive of 80%. Curl and arm flexion and extension of the principles and the same effect. But it must note that warm-up and joint protection.

Friday: A. Squat. 8-10 group. B. Dead lift 5-7 group. C. Mentioned group of ankle-leg 2-4.

Squat weight and a similar number of principles and the bench press, must not covet big weight, pay attention to movement standards, limit the weight need someone to help protect. Dead lift and reason are of similar, but it must act within our capability. Each leg as far as possible to mention the ankle exhausted.

As the abdomen is the only one who exercises the muscles on a daily basis, so sit-ups can be a daily practice.

Note: Any time before the start of fitness should warm up after the end of the main hair must be properly beat muscle strength. Do not eat one hour before exercise of fullness. Drink with light salt water or orange juice as a benefit. In the non-training days, should the main swimming or ball games. I recommend swimming, then on your joints and heart and lung function improved lot of good.

Muscle recovery for 48

72 hours, so muscles never fully recovered from repeated exercise with a muscle before the outcome will be very obvious. Large muscle groups at the same time exercise the participation of small muscle groups, so long as the muscles involved in movement on the same day you get good results. , 2

3 action. Big muscles include: chest, back muscles, abdominal muscles, legs. The initial training should be appropriate to reduce weight, increase the number. RM means that the value of the largest duplication. Such as the "6

12RM" expressed is the "most that can be repeated 6 to 12 times the weight." Such as the training program are: a single crook of the arm dumbbell held 3 to 4 groups, 6

8RM. Explained as follows: 10 kg dumbbells carried out with the crook of the arm to cite a single practice, every effort can only curl six consecutive times to 8 times for a group, such as weight, the number of consecutive 3 sets. Each interval of normal training could be a break of 60 to 90 seconds, 10 kilograms is the weight of 6

8RM action, if reduce fat for fitness purposes, this kind of action to reduce the weight, so the number can reach 20

30RM. In the training programs are usually express such provisions, vary the weight of the load.

Food: beef, chicken, oysters, broccoli, milk, egg white, banana would be the promotion of muscle tissue synthesis. Fish, shrimp can guarantee endurance. Do not over-dependent protein powder, creatine, or L-carnitine. Any person selling to you, do not buy. As a beginner, so really lets you "Zhuang," but to stop using supplements, the effect will disappear after. With your current level, we should take 7 minutes to eat three hours to practice the principles. The daily food intake, the more the better, only to points four times after eating, so you can better absorption. If the habit of fitness noon or afternoon, we eat fruit and cucumber, tomatoes, raw vegetables are easy to supplement the exercise consumption of sodium, potassium and other trace elements, coupled with yogurt added protein; best to add calories to eat two pieces of bread. If you eat instant noodles, which can eat fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc., so that the human body needs calories, protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, etc. in order to maintain a balance. It should be noted, fitness-based after light food, not eating too much saturated suitable Qi Cheng, fitness for half an hour after the end of - eating as a benefit for one hour.

Daily routine: get up early is best to drink a large glass of water, which will speed up your circulation, allowing the body to better sleep, start over from the afternoon nap one will benefit. Each bath time is not beneficial too long, it will even the muscles to exhaustion. Synthesis of sleep for your muscles is critical, so do not stay up all night.

This program will last for 4 months. If you need a new plan can go into the details. I wish you success!
875,506,7812010-02-28 03:28:50 +0000 #3
bench press



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