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Running Weight Loss

dertas19932010-02-28 06:11:40 +0000 #1
I was in high school a boy, height 175, weight 71, would like to take this winter to lose weight, the most wanted is running (can listen to music -.-), watched a lot of other people raise this issue, but the There are many do not understand the point and asked the next, good to extra points, not C + V Oh, others have seen the basic, and this is very important to me ........ Paoniu

1. in the end He walked much does it best.

2. He walked long.

3 I was in Beijing, from which sports up examination, although not particularly good, one month before the 4 minutes and 30 runs after playing 1000M can also be felt, run 2000 that each, of course, I am sure one can do more, that is, under basic conditions, we staff the next, by the way, I am the door playground lap 400M
akura232010-02-28 06:20:59 +0000 #2
jogging to lose weight before it, 1000M test run speed or too fast, running too fast is the oxygen of the. To be aerobic, as to how effective a good run, I think that at least 45 kilometers bar, of course, more better. Remember to slow.

If you press operator time to run 20-minutes to 40 minutes more reasonable

By the way, 175 weight 71 is not very Fertilizer
shark10872010-02-28 06:35:28 +0000 #3
Running to achieve three targets

We are a very young age have been education, training to be persistent. Therefore, many people think that once you start running, we must uphold every day. But according to the latest scientific achievements of the movement, running does not need to be forced, as long as the gradual increase in training volume on the list. Generally speaking, people who take running fitness, in order to reach a certain training effect, is required to achieve three basic indicators: the duration of 20 minutes or more; heart rate 120 beats / min or more (young people); frequency of more than 3 times a week. In other words, running 3-4 times a week on the list

1, head and shoulders

Running Action essentials - to maintain the stability of the head and shoulders. The head is right in front of the road unless the grievance, do not pre-exploration, eyes watching the front. Shoulders should be relaxed, to avoid Hanxiong.

Power thrusts - shrug. Drooping shoulders relaxed, and then as far as possible on a-Song, stop clicking, and again after restoration.

2, arm and hand movements

Running Essentials - should be, arm around the shoulder axis moves left and right action by not more than the body midline. Fingers, wrist and arm should be relaxed, the elbow angle of about 90 degrees.

Power thrust - lift the elbow arm. Arms into a pre-prepared, after a start position, try to raise the elbow after the arm, and then relax before the swing. With action to speed up when you lift the more higher.


Running the trunk and hip movements essentials - from the neck down belly to keep upright, not leaning forward (unless the acceleration or uphill), or thrown back, it is a good breathing, balance and pace. Do not shake or a trunk about the ups and downs too. When the active leg before the swing hip, running when you should pay attention to hip rotation and relaxation.

Power thrust - lunge stretching. Legs before and after the opening, and shoulder width, center of the body slowly under pressure to muscle tension, then relax restore. Always keep the trunk upright.

4, waist

Running Action essentials - to maintain the natural waist, straight, not too straight. A little muscle tension to maintain the trunk posture, bearing in mind the impact of the buffer feet touch the ground.

Power thrust - front of body flexion and extension. Natural standing, his legs open, and shoulder width. Trunk flexion to the hands slowly sagging to the toes, to keep for a while, and then recover.

5, thigh and knee

Running Action essentials - thigh and knee exertion before the pendulum, rather than swarmed. Any lateral leg movements are superfluous, and easily lead to knee injuries, the thigh is the first priority should be.

Dynamic Tension - before the bent. Feet away from the station with the hip width. Hands on their heads. Piked forward from the hip. Keep back straight, until the biceps femoris nervous.

6, calf and Achilles tendon

Running Action essentials - feet should rest with the location of the body for about a foot, near the midline. Leg should not cross too far to avoid too large Achilles tendon strain due to force. At the same time pay attention to calf muscle and Achilles tendon in the ground when the buffer, landing leg should actively back pawing, and the body positive and forward. In addition, the calf before the swing path to positive, forward foot should try not to valgus or after the turn, or knee and ankle joints vulnerable to injuries. Can be run on the beach, check the footprints for reference.

Power thrust - stays wall toes. Face to the wall about 1 meter standing, arms-reach and shoulder width, hand stays wall. Toes, and then lay down, feeling tension leg and Achilles tendon.
ZHONG Ling2010-02-28 06:54:10 +0000 #4
personally think that the mere running of weight loss is difficult to play a role in, pay attention to daily life and food is also very important, more important thing is to persist,
ccad1233212010-02-28 07:13:58 +0000 #5
Sports Weight Loss The key is 2:00


2 large ongoing campaign load

is dispensable ah

If you really depend on running to lose weight

I suggest you run when not to listen to music to listen to music distracts you from it will greatly reduce the compliance you should run as soon as possible End of the distance you have requested

I run fitness at all times 19 minutes or less finish the 5000 because I did not just get involved in athletics to fitness of this concert is very good

Even if you run for an hour you will found no effect of weight loss can only serve to improve your fitness Bale 1000M

I ran 3 minutes 20



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