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Male upper body flesh plan! Fitness expert Come!

axiaozheng2010-02-28 12:11:20 +0000 #1
Upper body is very thin, see the kind of bone, the neck is very thin. Eat a lot of things, often running, are long in the leg meat. . Exercise is also flesh, but people look more healthy?

Now she has a pair of dumbbells, I would like to use this to achieve the fitness results! Please give me some expert opinion, the best training program is, I can see online too much, dazzled.
soulpoet2010-02-28 12:22:31 +0000 #2
me to answer this question, because in recent months I have been to the gym Duan Lian, like you, I am also a slim type, to do is anaerobic exercise, you say run, it is aerobic, and will only make you more thin people use to lose weight, you have to do is to use a pair of dumbbells, arrange a day and a half hour or so a crazy Duan Lian time (1 hour before Lian Duan, eat something), dumbbell various positions on the Internet look for you, every movement on three groups, each done three times, each time a break of 30-60 seconds or so, Lian Wan, after half an hour, eat something (bread, bananas, milk, egg white , beef) you have to prepare these samples that the long muscles very helpful, there is drinking, sex life have to exercise restraint to maintain a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, 23 points -7 points the best. I was doing less than a month, I have long muscular 10 pounds, the main strength is also related with the practice and not chipping away of the training, you practice a few years not many well-developed muscles! Upstairs there is a saying, fat into muscle, it is wrong, and thin people more likely to practice a muscle! To add, you have to train muscles, practicing every other day, once a muscle growth with the recovery period of 48 hours, unlike the weight loss, we would be smithery, burning fat
Blood Qi Tian-yi ol2010-02-28 12:50:35 +0000 #3
I think you should be energetically meat itself keep a little fat, not too fat, and then exercise. Because the meat is the basis of muscle (at least I was so feel for). By the way, you will when I fart, because it has not yet verified. Elections do not choose to see yours!



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