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Please help me to develop a fitness program!

Jessie022222010-02-28 16:10:17 +0000 #1
Now in practice size, do not know how to kind of training methods for me: Male 173CM 59KG bust is too small abdominal muscle group is not very clear back muscle training is not based primarily upper

want to trade people and understand a friend Geigejianyi, very thanks!
litengxiao07162010-02-28 16:25:34 +0000 #2
Life is movement, adhere to physical activity, not only can improve health, but also disease prevention. Increasing pressure for the study of modern college students increased, the proper physical exercise is a good. Not only can improve the quality movement, but also can do work and rest, so that intelligence to be brought into full play.

Students generally sit in the classroom, laboratory, study room, to bow their heads bent down to study and work, long-term in such a position, not to participate in physical exercise, often lead to various diseases. Such as insufficient blood supply, nerve weakness, chest narrow, muscle weakness, heart disease, constipation and so on. Therefore, students should regularly participate in physical exercise, because physical exercise can make the heart and gastrointestinal have been a good exercise, so that energetic college students, while the enthusiasm of physical exercise or a rest, brain cells have division of labor, physical exercise, the management activities in the spirit of the muscle cells in excited state, but to think of nerve cells, whereas the inhibition of active rest is well.

Students self-main characteristics of physical exercise is planned and purposeful, so as to their physical health and athletic ability as the starting point in conjunction with their professional and learned the special needs of future career choices, to consider future career and life ideals, as well as best use of existing objective material conditions, to develop short-and long-term self-exercise program. At the same time, both use the plan to bind the main acts, but also in practice to adjust and enrich the training scheme, which is self-university students the fundamental guarantee for the effectiveness of physical exercise, but also college students to meet the challenges of a modern lifestyle and modern standards of a powerful weapon.

However, since some students the lack of sports knowledge, contrary to the scientific training methods, exercise or when to people, because, as a result, the according to their age, sex, work and study the characteristics of the health status of their own arrangements for training of time and progress, taking fully into account seasonal, regional, natural factors such as effect of exercise, exercise, exercise intensity but also from small to big, and in the process of the gradual accumulation of experience, training, mastering the appropriate amount of exercise, with a view to achieve self - physical exercise the best results. Regardless of the body's physiological characteristics, blind pursuit of large amount of exercise, do not follow 人体各器官 different developmental stages choose the best sports projects targeted training; not pay attention to the comprehensive development of the exercise, to disrupt the biological laws of physical and mental work, sports there is no law; not pay attention to sports environment and sports and health; whim and can not finish the job of the sudden exercise, etc. All these are unhealthy training methods, should be promptly corrected and to avoid, because physical exercise is to promote youth physical development and health-improvement , if the training methods improperly, contrary to the law of development of the human body, it will be counterproductive.

Students of self-purpose and need for physical exercise are complex and diverse, and sometimes in order to vent their emotions, and sometimes in order to fitness, sometimes from the stress and mental pressure in order to extricate Sometimes, in order to improve motor skills and techniques, sometimes in order to Disease After the recovery or growth and development, sometimes in order to improve the efficiency of the brain. In short physical exercise in choosing the means, methods, we should take into account the special needs of their own, so that while its use. For example: the game of choice for entertainment and sports activities; in order to give vent to their emotions, and strong sport can be irritating; In order to overcome the psychological response and the elimination of nervous emotional tension, you can choose to swimming, sunbathing and other movement pattern.

1, in which he introduced several modern popular training methods.

1.1 aerobic exercise training method is not in the training process carried out under conditions of negative oxygen method of physical exercise. This method of exercise load moderate exercise can effectively improve the cardiovascular and respiratory function, promote metabolism, and reduce fat accumulation. Such as long-distance running, walking, swimming, cycling, endurance, gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics, hiking and so on.

1.2 entertainment law is a means to seek physical relaxation, enjoy the leisure time to conduct the training methods. This approach did not exercise, exercise intensity is not, it is easy and pleasant, with a special function to eliminate fatigue. These activities help to choose the weaker physique, life-long activities will adhere to the promotion of collective development, to enhance the physical fitness purposes. Such as walking, travel, outings, hikers, mountain climbing, sunbathing and other health-care regimen to 1.3 in ancient China spread a lot of health-care regimen, under

such as qigong, guidance, etc. are all the valuable heritage of the Chinese nation, in the fitness and strength on the spread so far and deep by the majority of those who loved exercise. Such training methods pay attention to internal and external unity, God shape both require the body's external activities and internal qi and blood is running in line with the body and health care to achieve health illnesses, longevity purposes.

2, according to certain principles and practical, to have scientific training

2.1 Exercises

people used to think that the morning is a good time physical activity. With the current relevant research data shows, "Good Morning Exercise is not a really good time." First of all, the morning air is not new. Year, the vast majority of the morning (especially 5-8 points), the inverse of the lower atmosphere over the land, will appear inversion layer, its height of 200 - 1,000 m, ranging as it is like a lid, so that the city more smoke and impurities gathered in the following. The morning air with a small disturbance, resulting in smoke and dust impurities in high-altitude and surrounding is not easy to spread, resulting in heavier air near the ground floor.

Second, from a physiological point of view, experts on the functioning of the human body clock rhythm characteristics of study: the morning is the lowest sugar content of the liver during this period of time if physical activity, sports energy --- sugar, will mainly depend on the supply of fat decomposition. Fat as an energy source material into the blood, because the body can not effectively take advantage of the free fatty acids, resulting in blood concentrations of free fatty acids were significantly higher. The scholars have studied the survey found that patients with history of heart disease: Medical statistics show that in the morning is not only the peak time for heart attack, but also the most time of sudden death, the incidence rate of 61.3%. Higher than in the afternoon around one o'clock three times. This is mainly because of early morning blood viscosity and blood clots, a more intense movement, is also apt to touch, hit, sprains and so on.

Of course, not everyone abandoned the morning exercise time. On college students, the day, the morning after 10-15 minutes of exercise load adhere to a relatively small movement, is still extremely effective, can eliminate the human organism after a night of sleep, "stasis" phenomenon, so that the whole capacity of the organism to be enhanced, glow day, the mood to learn and improve learning efficiency. In case of Guangbo Cao, aerobics, jogging, shadow boxing, and practicing martial arts are all good exercise program.

2.2 hours of exercise extra-curricular activities pm

According to the human body clock rhythm, the best time is 17:00 minutes, and towards the evening time. At this point, most people physical movements, flexibility, coordination, accuracy and adaptability are at its best. Moreover, the human body has increased to a peak of sugar to carry out a variety of fitness exercise, it will not produce the energy metabolic disorders and organ function running overload phenomenon.

There are several reasons for people's physical performance can be explained in the evening or night. For example, there are a lot of training, performance and body temperature are closely linked. Temperature in the evening and the evening was the highest (the day temperature is usually 1 to 2 degrees Celsius in the context of constant changes in the 5:00 minimum). The study also shows that body temperature is highest at dusk. Since the study found that the physical changes very little, unless you are a competitive athlete, or it would not have much impact on you. As for the competitive athlete, physical fitness can affect whether the small changes to achieve their best. By the way, when you prepare for the contest, the experts suggest the best match of training time with the same period of time. This allows your body better adapt to the rhythm of time and environmental factors. (Such as outdoor temperature and pollution levels).


physical activity before bed is also effective exercise before going to bed very good. This is because the role of physical activity before bed, can sleep the whole process be maintained, in particular, to do some deep breathing increases the movement, such as the activities of the diaphragm, or chest artery. This exercise will enable the human body as a whole system, oxygenation, in a better state of oxygenation, not only for a good sleep, but also to lift the rate of fatigue during the day will be greatly accelerated, allowing the body to a good recovery. Especially for insomnia, bedtime exercise cure insomnia, it is necessary. Bedtime activities, brought the body heat can not only regulate emissions from the metabolism of the body, and fatigue after exercise in healthy through a night of sleep to be restored. Especially after exercise before going to bed a hot shower, will make you very comfortable to sleep, which in patients with neurasthenia is undoubtedly the best sleep remedy. Training items, such as walking, exercise, sit-ups, pull-ups, standing long jump, push-ups and so on.

3, a good grasp of the intensity of exercise is more beneficial to their own exercise. Here are the pulse method of measuring control of exercise intensity.

160 times per minute, the pulse of the exercise intensity of about 80%;

140 times per minute, the pulse of the exercise intensity of about 70%;

pulse at 120 beats per minute, the exercise intensity of about 60%;

per minute pulse in the 110 times of exercise intensity is about 50%;

studies have shown that exercise intensity is less than 50% of the no significant exercise effect, more than 80% belonging to the exercise training intensity. For the average people, the physical exercise when the pulse control (110-160) beats / min between the suitable. Each person should be based on their actual choice of their own sports activities and more appropriate time, we should pay attention to effective and practical. Select the contents of physical exercise, should change with the seasons to make the necessary arrangements, without first determining no change can be the first preliminary decision, the trial period, if they feel it is necessary, you can also make adjustments or changes, but should not be changed too. To develop their own exercise plan, it should consciously abide by, and with perseverance
Cherry Fall in love with Bang Bang2010-02-28 16:19:11 +0000 #3
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