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thoughts _20092010-02-28 16:10:23 +0000 #1
I Yimi Qi 3, only 54 kg, body weight always feeble, but I would like to go to the gym training for the winter vacation, and I would like to ask a similar fitness experienced people Zhijiao addition to nutritional supplements, if the food protein The powder how to eat? Thank you
RoyMustan2010-02-28 16:21:11 +0000 #2
By Mike Stewart is the fear that special Cyprus bodybuilding expert, and author of best-selling fitness book "robust muscles" and "expert to talk about training, technology", has a world-class fitness magazine "difficult to progressist "or" Bengqi. " "Iron Man" and other authoritative body-building magazines senior writer.

To be more developed muscle mass, your strength training program should be based on growth as the goal. Significant increase in power required years of effort, using a well-designed scientific training program will effectively facilitate this process.

Body-building star good majority of people do not have the genes, their training programs are not necessarily suitable for you. For most bodybuilders is, there are four muscles can create huge block of training criteria:

1, only practice twice a week.

2, focusing on the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously to stimulate the movement of large-scale training.

3, to keep the training simple training program.

4, the strength to grow as the goal.

Here is my design for the majority of bodybuilders effects of magic to the program.


training site training sessions Training Action Group meeting

thigh barbell squat 3 10A

chest, bench press 3 6A

back heavy hammer down 3 6B

leg weight-bearing toes 3 15B

Abdominal sit-ups 3 12B

Training Lesson 2

Training site Training Action Group meeting

thigh legs give 2 15A

back squat dead lift 3 6A

shoulder barbell elected 3 6A

upper back bent barbell rowing 3 8B

biceps barbell curl 3 6B

A : said that the arrangements in front of two warm-up, each eight times, respectively, the weight of a formal group of negative 50%, 85%.

B: that the arrangements in front of a group of warm-up, making eight times, the negative weight of a formal group of about 70%.

Note that the two training courses should be at least interval between two days. For example, can be arranged Monday and Thursday were carried out. This program is only five exercises each training session, these exercises are all the best long-muscle exercises. You might ask, how did not train triceps training step? This is because in large weight bench press and vertical have been elected in the three muscles are strong incentives.

The training plan was not specifically asked for the beginners. It any one would like to further increase the muscle mass of the people hate and effective. If you are not satisfied with regular training brought about by someone discouraged progress, from now on, with a few months try it this plan, I guarantee that return will be very considerable. Your muscles will grow faster, you will be more satisfied with the training, you will have more time to do other things you like.

You'd better do it strictly in accordance with the plan. If you are adding additional training courses or action instead of an isolated compound action, it will reduce the effectiveness of the entire project.

Why is effective?

When you realize that only a small number of exercises to do, they can make you cherish even more efforts to train, reached an unprecedented level of intensity, giving the muscles a more intense stimulation.

Only practice twice a week, which means you will have five days of recovery time. You will embark on a low frequency, high intensity of the correct path so that the "stimulation, recovery, growth" cycle process more effective.

Since each movement is done using the same weight of three groups. You do not have in the first group reached exhaustive, simply a group in the final concentrate. In other words, each exercise is the intensity of the last group the largest group.

In order to ensure effectiveness, training should not be too hasty. In the warm-up should be a break between groups of at least 60-90 seconds, the small muscle group training, rest 2 minutes between the two groups can be large muscle training may rest 3-4 minutes between the two groups.

Using this program, do not put themselves at the beginning of a few weeks to push the limit. First of all, you do not master the correct techniques of skilled movements, and constantly trying to determine the provisions of this program group. Times the corresponding negative weight, and then formulate a long time to improve stability of the negative weight of the program to the strength continues to increase.

To establish a practice group, times, a week should be increased a small amount of negative weight, plus 1 1 2 pounds. If the rapid progress, but also increase the more weight, but do not let the negative weight no matter how the rate of increase faster than the forces of growth. This is one of the important principles of success.

The following is a 10-week plan to gradually increase the bench press example.

Bear the weight of each group a few weeks a number of



3 2

4 254,665 5 254,666



7 6

8 258,664 9 258,665



Note 10 : Two warm-up can be 130 * 8 and 220 * 8. Can also do a group of 230 * 4.

Other points

If injured, you can not make any progress. Always adhere to the correct technical movement so would greatly reduce the possibility of injury.

Safety training is the key control action rhythm. I suggest that you use the muscle contraction in 3 seconds. Diastolic time in 3 seconds, the peak contraction for 2 seconds, which usually require more than slower, but safer and more effective.

Training is to stimulate muscle growth hormone back. However, if insufficient recovery time, muscle will not grow. Between the two training should be rest, rest should try to relax. Should be at least eight hours sleep every night.

A slight increase in more caloric intake, eating five a day, six times a day per pound of body weight for at least 1 gram of protein intake and so on. These are not to be ignored an important return to prime, does not do well, it will reduce the effectiveness of the entire project.
King King 8882010-02-28 17:00:08 +0000 #3
to kill a pig every day, a month certainly the results!
shenhuicong2010-02-28 16:28:38 +0000 #4
and I are like ah, I am 175cm, 55kg. First consider fertilization bar, fitness Daohai followed by the
situation induced toxicity Bell2010-02-28 18:03:54 +0000 #5
2nd floor, then the piles of writing! !

Lou Zhu your weight is really too little weight a lot of, ah, too skinny, and really the training exercise, go to the gym, then it's OK, I've spent time at the gym there are a lot of lean, but after several months of training are there is a marked improvement, but I do not recommend eating eggs powder, although it is very effective but you have used then we should always insisted eat it, if they do not eat, then you may lean back, which I would suggest eating more eggs, fish class, milk contains proteins, etc. can eat. I wish you a successful weight gain! ! !



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