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Fitness Weight Loss Plan who helped me out ah, fitness Timor Come

378879344wz2010-03-01 06:10:15 +0000 #1
My present physical condition is: clear excess calorie intake, and exercise less, meals unreasonable.

Cardiopulmonary function is weak, weak ability to withstand physical activity, specifically the performance of as follows: lung volume and expansion of a stronger ability to withstand cardiac exercise load capacity of the weak.

the power quality of the poor, specifically manifested as follows: a small muscle strength, power and coordination of force is weak, weak muscular endurance.

muscle and ligament stiffness, neuromuscular system control the body's ability to balance the weak response to external stimuli and complete the action is faster

today, go to the gym to do the test above, say, I want you to give me a training program,

Thank you for the
qd8141372010-03-01 06:17:32 +0000 #2
How old are you - age.

Food on the need to change - because they do not know you're an adult does not - why not add a ---- if you can, take a look at my other answers - I had answered a number of similar -

jogging or brisk walking -- to conditioning system - slowly strengthening of institutional and cardiopulmonary function - a relatively long-term campaign -

In general, after jogging the Ya-Ya ligaments - can help change the rigid muscles and ligaments of the rigid -

skipping can help to increase physical coordination, and - to increase muscle control --- the standard boxing rope skipping - the kind of interchangeable feet.

Muscle strength and endurance - can be used - a small power of dumbbells or a machine - to increase - a small power standard - the standard action to do the maximum weight of one and a half years can be slightly less - but each of the volume to the maximum number of two thirds or so --- to do about 3 to 5 groups -.

Explosive co-ordinate the ability - can be - big power dumbbells - quick to do the movements - the criteria for great power to bear the greatest strength of two thirds or so - the number of each group in the maximum number of 3 points two groups of about 2-4 or so --- do -.

Plan to do a weekly program -

jogging is necessary - because of improved heart and lung function is a long-term thing -

Once or twice a week should have muscle endurance and strength training -

there is a muscle explosive power training -

should be 1 to 2 times a rope skipping with - a small amount of muscle exercises -

a week is better to have two days of rest - when the rest can only run - of course - if the rest both days - one day run - the other day, you can completely rest -

reasonable diet - exercise time the law - an hour before meals, after meals in an hour - and a half hours of sleep before the -

If you have In the words of puberty - can properly lift horizontal bar two times every week - once a time limit of 15-20 minutes -.
Super-H barbaric Growth2010-03-01 06:29:33 +0000 #3
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