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Negative-heeled shoes to correct kyphosis and effective do

LEACHING2010-03-03 05:10:35 +0000 #1
Which Friends useful to correct the negative heel over hump-back, there is no effect? I am 26 years old, female, want to buy a pair to correct kyphosis.
frankzane12010-03-03 05:18:55 +0000 #2
negative-heeled shoes are not as used to correct kyphosis correcting posture belt better.
The same room2010-03-03 05:57:17 +0000 #3
hump is a more common phenomenon, most diseases are not caused by the disease, but long-term adverse posture, so correction of kyphosis should start from the correct position.

Correction humpback first get the shoulders, back, relax and relieve stiffness. Raised his arms parallel, palms back, double-arm struggling to backward movement. Similar movements can be in bed, supine in bed, in the hump protruding parts 6

10 cm thick mat of objects, body relaxed, his arms naturally straight, palms facing up, shoulders post-tensioned.

Always pay attention to maintaining good posture and form good habits, habits become natural. You can look at the practice in person, barefoot or wear flat shoes, the former foot around a 18 mm thick book, feel about their own bodies (especially the spine) is not changed straight, pelvis forward and the lumbar spine, cervical spine lordosis is reduced, buttocks and abdominal muscles is to retract the usual. At the same time, you can then turn to test in an effort to stand straight, the body (preferably the back wall standing, models called "stop wall"), feeling center of gravity is not in the heel, which is the scientific necessity. The negative heel shoe soles, a former high to low, and its role is aimed at correcting posture on the role of postural kyphosis are correct, the negative heel forced to move to heel after the body's center of gravity, correct unreasonable posture, exercise back muscles. Physical training and dance is the same reason, forced the body center of gravity moved back, pelvis forward to be corrected, the spine naturally straight.

A principle, in the case of upright posture, the focus is always on the heel, instead, forced the focus of the heel, the body must also tend to upright posture. Negative heel of the research papers used as the dance community education materials, professional dance teacher know. At the same time, the negative heel have been as a new physical training methods to promote.
Imitation Guan ¤ IMC has2010-03-03 06:31:05 +0000 #4
I used, feel pretty good.

Ask someone better than to ask ourselves, negative heel is a former high to low, and your own sense of what had boosted forefoot answers.



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