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Ask, how fitness waist and abdomen and arm fat reduction.

Fang Lord2010-03-03 05:10:48 +0000 #1 B7% C5% D2% AF/pic/item/72019f4b7627b90a09f7efb6.jpg

This is my arm, I feel that the size of the muscles have been a big enough arm is also very rough in is the arm of the fat layer is very thick, Xian Buchu lines, but I think it is just held dumbbell training muscles, there is no effect of the meat to lose weight ah? ?

There are waist and abdomen and chest fat, I particularly large, would like to ask at home, what better way? Hope that a concrete point, the number of times each day, several groups, each interval between the number of minutes and so on.

The last problem is that I do push-ups poor, the standard posture can only do 2,3 a, non-standard effects of not performing too well how this can be done?
bian_tai882010-03-03 05:20:58 +0000 #2
4 weeks, a critical period, 4 weeks ago Do not give up. Otherwise, useless. Hand can not do push-ups straight, it will affect the results, to maintain a certain bent.
m135323641212010-03-03 05:45:18 +0000 #3
Hula Hoop most thoracic abdominal fat reduction, sit-up effects are quite good, but we must insist that both times per day, every 40 minutes. Do not believe you insist on both months, the effect is obvious after six months you'll probably insist on girls body! When the time comes Oh do not forget me!
2ufcmma20092010-03-03 05:45:28 +0000 #4
First, the arm more than the number of fat to use less weight to do, usually practiced what is now trained to line movement. A group of about 20 times, each move three groups, two-minute intervals.

Second, the waist and chest are more trouble then, that the two sites and fewer activities. Is still above the principle, sit-ups on what the two starting line, do exhaustive, a group of on-line.

Third, any action if the non-standard, then, less than ineffective and vulnerable to injuries. Proposed to do more bench press, there is a deformation of push-ups is to do with his knee touch the ground until done more, they changed their feet.

I wish you success!



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