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Go to the gym to lose weight really effective?

Michelia ˉ half a step Britain2010-03-03 21:10:55 +0000 #1
I went to the gym went to the 5,6-day appearance, but did not reduce body weight is also down.

Always feel that little confidence, fear of a month later is still the case.

If it is plateau, I continued for almost a year on this platform almost a year.

Go to the gym to sweat and exercise will be a lot of pay, but the weight still can not afford to. Running Aerobics

go to the gym is really effective?
Life Fire 4172010-03-03 21:20:40 +0000 #2
First of all, you know, your own muscles are obesity or an ordinary fat, muscle nature more difficult to thin, more need to adhere to, it is estimated you fall into this kind of recommend that you exercise and diet from the more control, do not eat, rice protein content is too high, leading to an important reason why weight is not down, which while increasing the long-distance sports such as time, probably, if running in 45 minutes, before burning the effect of fat, the basic is just two points, it is quite simple, persist like only 5,6 days already very short, remember that we must adhere to live, you must have a body you are satisfied with the other can go to Ask your gym coach, let him give you based on your point of views on the situation.
oo53532010-03-03 21:26:37 +0000 #3
5,6 days wanted to lose weight? ? ? ? ?



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