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z4531931272010-03-04 07:10:37 +0000 #1
If I continue every day and exercise burnout,

the body is not what would be a problem?

Does exercise have to eat anything during the oh,
Idiots Shaxiao Zi2010-03-04 07:26:08 +0000 #2
exercise a high degree of fatigue, the body is a kind of consumption. Not suitable for the formation of muscle.

If you want to train a good figure, is a branch of learning, generally is based on each group separately contact each block header muscles in different postures practices, to learn all of that a very specific muscle. Group carried out step by step. If you want to build, should be more investigations in this area do first, and then carried out, this will greatly assist.

If you just want to practice out of physical fitness, such as volunteer soldiers. The appropriate limits of the body some exercise is very desirable. But the important thing is not injury to the muscle tissue, or bones, easy to engage in under the root cause. I have ankle injuries in basketball team never entered the race after the stadium. So, make adequate preparations before exercise, during exercise must be careful whom.

Catering mainly depends on your purpose. Long muscle, it is clear the protein the better. If it is to lose weight, according to fat - "sugar -" carbohydrates such an order to avoid. Mainly vegetables and protein-rich foods should be consumed. Eating fruits and staple food, or eating only small quantities of food, but pay no attention to their fat content are all important issues affecting weight loss.

Calorie provide calories, as the driving force behind the body. Also known as a feeling of fullness, if there is high intensity exercise, in fact, * should be a high calorie intake, but low-fat, low sugar foods.

A daily intake of fat calories should not be more than 400 which is about 40g fat (1g fat = calculated about 10 fat calories, but because there is a difference between fat and fat, and not exactly the same, do not speak in detail) . Food more than 20% of the fat calories is not available. For example: a 500 total calorie foods that contain fat, 4g. It can be drawn by calculating the 40 / 500 = 20% what can be used -

and calorie intake, try to ensure that in a day about 2000. Little too much there's much more are all very bad tempered. For each general about how many calories of food (such as apple, a bowl of rice), you go to look online, there will be found.

More embarrassed to be honest I did not make any further investigation. But I go to school here in North America, have similar food education and sports equipment exercise education. Want to help to you. I know that not all Chinese food above all the ingredients to write the name of weight and percentage of total daily requirements. However, through some simple calculation and knowledge, is the same as a healthy diet can be achieved with the most healthy exercise. I hope you the best physical exercise -
know Ningning2010-03-04 07:30:25 +0000 #3
1, the body has too much for him to be after the rest are not well adjusted, there will be fatigue, strain and so on.

2, but generally people will be there, and those cases are mostly occurs in the case of a coach, his training, the training will only appear in an unreasonable way leading to skeletal muscle under the strain, strain does not appear.

3, sports training school is very profound, you can go to have contact with, so you will learn more about their own body, there are many teachers as a means to earn a living.

4, a bold exercise we're OK, nothing to fear.

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