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Only dumbbells, exercise the muscles which move? For example, practice what moves the shoulder, ches

er112092010-03-04 08:11:24 +0000 #1
Because I am only a dumb-bell this tool, usually handheld pressure was still practicing. .

Just bought back a few days,,,,, age is not small. . Men. .

Because I checked,, dumbbells can do a lot of action. . .

May have two or three moves are also a part of practice, and, so I do not want to repeat a waste of time.

Ask questions about,,

I would like to practice 135,, 246 rest on Sundays to do aerobic exercise. .

For example, I do chest on Monday,, dumbbell what actions can be done?

Wednesday to do brachial 2,,

on Friday, what should we do? Shoulder?

People to help me design about it? I am 30, and,

can say a few group of a few. .

Some people say that, novice started training, first all the muscle exercises two or three weeks, and then a separate one day training focused on only the muscles, right? ?

Well, start bar. .
SLR7222010-03-04 08:18:00 +0000 #2
dumbbell can indeed very comprehensive exercise to many muscle groups, but since you are at home training, there have been a lot of equipment limitations, such as: dumbbell bench press is a very effective practicing chest movements, but the need for a fitness with a special plate is the bench press boards, it is difficult to do at home.

So, I wish to give you some of their own experience, recommend some suitable method of training at home: the best chest exercise movement is actually push-ups, this is also laying the foundation of a good action, if you feel that too a while stimulating enough, can be added great difficulty, such as the feet into a chair to do, or an increase in the number of groups.

Brachii Biceps: dumbbell curl, heavy hammer curl (dumbbell vertically in his hand), concentration curl (seated, with his elbow to withstand the thigh, biceps contraction). This can be completed with the dumbbell.

Triceps: dumbbell curl back of the neck (large weight dumbbells)

shoulder: elected, side-Ping Ju (preferably with a small weight), looking at birds (also with a small weight, stimulation shoulder)

back : Dumbbell Row

I said these actions, in fact, need to have different weights of dumbbells to complete, it is recommended to do your best Zhang fitness cards, the whole apparatus. If I say you do not understand these movements, you can search the Internet search a picture or something.

You said, "all the muscle exercises novice first two or three weeks", in fact, that is to lay the physical foundation, but the fitness is individualized for each person's physique is different, do not go exactly as someone else's argument做. Slowly his attempt to bar!加油!
law207420742072010-03-04 08:40:24 +0000 #3
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panjun352010-03-04 08:38:54 +0000 #4 above, there are illustrations.



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