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Small G 丶 Zambia2010-03-04 20:11:39 +0000 #1
My 16-year-old tall and weighs 130 to 184 pounds

I have more than 10 days of fitness,,,,

who had seemingly no effect of a master or a fitness coach teach me!

I thank him

how fitness to practice law in order to point out the effect. . .

Or in the gym a few months to have effect

or if I can not rise too thin muscles? ? ?
394,948,7672010-03-04 20:15:35 +0000 #2
First week: the first week of the training objectives are very simple, that is action, so that my body began to adapt the movement pattern. Regular aerobic exercise at this time is a good choice, you can use the gym fitness equipment or by running, cycling, swimming, etc., for the three moderate-intensity exercise. Again, exercise after a day off. This week, you only need to consider the exercise mode, do not focus too much on exercise results. However, for the smooth discharge toxins from the body, should ensure that at least a day to drink two liters of water.

Exercise intensity: about 30 minutes for each exercise, to cardiovascular health boost.

2nd week: intermittent exercise. Through the first week of warm, people will feel the body is full of vitality. This week's intermittent exercise, enabling people to avoid work stress and recovery cycle, alternating with each other felt too tired. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling or use of fitness equipment is the appropriate exercise mode. Training process consists of three minutes in the low-intensity exercise and two minutes composed of alternating high-intensity exercise. This will not only guarantee the full recovery after strenuous exercise, but also for the next one intermittent exercise had made preparations. Note that eat fruit every day, but the white do not eat carbohydrate-containing foods such as bread, cheese and so on.

Exercise intensity: first, a general aerobic exercise, followed by intermittent exercise, will improve the function of 3 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and low-intensity alternating vigorous exercise 2 minutes, repeat the above two steps six times.

3rd Week: confrontational training. It helps promote the body's metabolism. Note that, in addition to antioxidant-rich green tea, try to avoid coffee and carbonated beverages involved in your life.

Training methods and intensity: first, to intermittent exercise, and then about 30 minutes strength training, such as the lunge, half-push-ups, supporting the fitness ball to do squat, single-hand dumbbell shape for rowing.

4th Week: sub-site practice. At this point, but also to once again increase the intensity of exercise time. Try to increase the time for each intermittent exercise, while the body is divided into upper and lower parts of two exercises that strengthen the body and lower part of the muscle group exercise.

Do not worry about post-workout muscle soreness slight sense of this situation is normal and will not cause harm.

Training methods and intensity:

1. To conduct intermittent exercise;

2. For the upper extremity exercise: stretching down the arm, turn the waist, his hands behind his back crossover down (sitting), legs flexion (sitting type), single arm dumbbell held; rest for two minutes, repeat the movement sequence two times; and then rest for half a minute, can be used sitting Qu tuck (legs straight, upper body backwards, body balance, and then knees abdomen , so that extreme abdominal flexor fold. exercise his legs should never touch the ground or bed) methods such as exercise abdominal muscles.

3. For the lower limb exercise: the legs to push pedal, bow, pedal exercise, 3 minutes cycling exercises, repeat the action four times.

5th week: to replenish their energy. Well spent in the last week, and enjoy the process of increasing exercise intensity, it is now your energy levels will peak. From this moment on, the need to improve their muscle tone. If it is found themselves produce a strong sense of hunger, in the exercise after going to add some protein and carbohydrates. Do not eat too much, very little food can make you from a high-intensity exercise to recover, and effectively prevent the re-create a strong sense of hunger.

Exercise intensity:

1. To conduct intermittent exercise;

2. Exercise upper limb;

3. Exercise lower extremities.

6th week: is about to close to the end. Last week, you will find, and deeply impressed by his body changes have taken place in fantastic, but must not be allowed to exercise their hard won gains, determined to remain until the new year of sports bar. Training methods and the fifth week of the same. Needs to be emphasized is that any of the above sports, should have a 5-minute preparations, as well as 5 minutes after exercise and modify its activities.
Life Fire 4172010-03-04 20:53:45 +0000 #3
at least three months before there are results, we must uphold. About 45 minutes of strength training



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