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POPPIN muscle burst points need to practice more time

Adidas99992010-03-05 05:11:38 +0000 #1
8 points Enhancing be long. Do not know, do not blind parameters together. PLEASE experts Zhidianmijin.
qq3128042692010-03-05 05:19:46 +0000 #2
friend I can tell you identified pop a matter of fact there is no real training does not train well for life-long learning

If you have a high potential for less perceptive eight points in six months or a year you may be able to master but the master will be able to say that you do your regular pop is do the right where pop is poppin accounted for 70% so long to train well there is no precise time for practice, if you say yes than 8:00 to talk about how much time practicing pop bar to know how to find a clever way they practice pop the natural feeling that if they are to learn 8 points

talk about how to practice pop. This is an old topic, and always have been asked, always those who do not understand, I practice with their own experiences to share with you, it is important that the practice method, the effect varies, but their finishing school, and later you want to have no time to dance very much love, so share the experiences of some things and that's not good to add, correct me.

1.pop and dance

years ago, my teammates asked me a question like, do you think is more important to pop, or dance is more important? I click on the selected pop, poppin 'Where there is no pop called poppin', but he feels that dance is more important, anyway, each have their own reasons for it, this problem is similar to the first, the chicken or the egg, we are for the time being not to think about those that I want to say is how to distinguish between the usual practice in the pop and dance.

Focus: single-minded, practicing pop when practicing pop, when practicing dance training dance

fresno, a lot of new people, including now some of the teams with new people were using fresno to practice pop, I do not agree with this practice method, fresno is actually a combination of pop and dance, if you pop is not good enough, how do you pop into your inside of your dance go? You practice fresno's main point? pop's not full, dance of the body not in place, just the opposite. So I give the following practice methods.

Practice pop on the train when the pop, new pop, driven not to practice, practice practice when big arm big arm, arm to arm, leg is leg, specializing in one location, a time when I was a teacher with a hand have been placed in the same location, and then three songs with pop, then change to another location to continue to pop, and pop when the must do its utmost to pop, muscle fatigue, including the wave I was such a practice, and have been placed in the That position, repeatedly done, at this stage is very boring, do not go from the high chaos solo, there is a good idea, but in the case of a weak foundation, you tend to develop a lot of bad habits, I have seen a lot of jump several years, at a certain time on the shuffle (jump from one style to another style), the process of abnormal hardships, many of them wrong habit.

When you pop about it (or at least to be brittle pop), they begin to dance to practice with the pop, to pop into the dance to go along to the music's rhythm and pacing, and do fresno, which in turn is a long process of practice, newcomers are often only repeat the action to do, in fact, the slightest movement the brain, action will be out of my practice is "wood" type exercises, you see the "wood" a lot like we are standing posture, hand and foot trunk, after the "wood", "big", "m" to switch between fonts, permutations and combinations, you look at your actions will be more fresno much?

In a word, single-minded, and practiced pop on the train pop, practicing dance started practicing dance, a lot of crew received a lot of students are carried out simultaneously, because that is, people have to eat, they are helpless, repeated every day to teach you the same way, Students will say that get money, so an element of class to teach you and make your own practice.

2.pop practice and its supporting Practice

not even a pop song, new people, if the power is small, a song is finished, push-ups 50, opened the back muscles, and a song finished 20 push-ups, remember, I am does not mean that your muscles to become strong, it is important to make their muscles more flexible, that is, 50 and 20 difference.

I posted some friends saw bar, said push-ups to no avail, this I can not agree, because this is my teacher (now Tone graduate) teachers wavezino (Laoxue) to teach them, the results are OK , and that's no use, 80 per cent is a push-up position right or wrong, 20 is the percentage lazy, did not persist.

In the end to how to do push-ups? Practice of push-ups in different positions of different muscle groups, we practice pop position is that the two arms folders do, this is really not good to describe, there is the opportunity to made a picture bar, and then straight waist, head and face up to the front. This posture practiced for at least three parts of the muscle - big arm, abdomen and neck.

Recommended program: a day practicing a disc (almost 10 songs) to choose according to their own 50 or 20. To push through to early in the evening, each time have done 20-50 months, according to their own circumstances.

3.'s Easy to overlook the problem

3.1 with the point of a lot of new people to practice Pop, on the mad pop, do not with the point, you know, not with points, no matter how good your pop's use of these things from the musical when you begin to dance together

it must be nurtured, how are you point? Have you ever noticed that you and point with a later, will follow less than is often with the fast. That is the mind of the conditioned reflex, in your heart you already know the point at which the position is almost, but not accurate. Told you do not look at the end, and my heart was the same as silent a few seconds, the result is often faster. So, honestly, I heard point of the re-pop, what we often say slow by half a beat, slow by half a beat of the reason there is one, is our pop not big enough, could not cover that point (of course there are a great pop can be enclose points, but the kind of people are a minority, skill can not be just a few years), with the points, with more, you can not keep up the.

3.2 elastic muscle contraction speed of the decision to relax the size of pop, which means you have better muscle flexibility pop, the better, rather than by the degree of muscle strong decision. If I am not mistaken, in the post to see a lot of people are the only pop out and never come back (that is, the speed of contraction to relax much slower than pop out), how to train to be flexible? The word "death train"

In short, pop practice is very tedious, many couples do not exercise patience and wait solo, front of the mirror to high, but short-lived fast gan, can you bring a permanent High-chao do? This road is very difficult, however, persevered, so cool
riding a toad2010-03-05 05:39:23 +0000 #3
the whole arm and leg Zhen Zhen relatively good practice ... is difficult to shock chest and back shock ..

this thing not to rush to seek into the basic skills to be ... ah ... vary solid. .

Sometimes, watching TV or videos inside of people, particularly the basics no sound contrived ah ... then

on the imitation of this mimic the look that make people sick so the basics must be solid ...

So, this explosive point more than a month would be a bit mean, but the more practice the greater will be bursting point ..

this is to see myself not to feel a bit like a not practiced ...



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