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How can we let muscular

Gwanill2010-03-05 08:10:16 +0000 #1
I am now 18, size standards, just want to practice with the chest to chest, abdominal muscles, as well as four limbs! You? Also requests that go into detail, aspects of diet!
hejinshew2010-03-05 08:12:21 +0000 #2
you want to there are two kinds of well-developed muscles to passers-by into the

1. go to the gym, if you have no time to go, then it would not be considered

2. do not do their own gym is also okay to say before chanting

science diet and high-intensity exercise is growth muscle and strength of the kingly way! ! !

1, then began practicing without pain, too fast and at appropriate levels after a period of high-intensity training, examination and a start to remember to walk around the activities of the body pulling open! Bar

First On Training Exercise for the day, do not play very early muscle exercises can be run at any time in the afternoon, 5-7 points, but the best time to exercise because at this time it is your day when the highest blood sugar

practice the basic movements :

1. the basis of push-ups: hands shoulder width distance between pairs of ribs with the big arm to open 90 degrees and the liquid down into the abdomen when the upright. The middle of the main train and external chest measurement of a start for you to do the best 3-4 team in each group did not rest between groups 8-12 months more than 30 seconds at the same time reaches brachii 3

2. Your feet off the ground push-ups : feet off the ground carried to a height such as bed sofa =

hands and basic push-up remains the same as the main chest muscle while training on the humerus reaches shoulder 3 and the former group a few times Ibid

3. bench Crankshaft extension: No parallel bars of the cases, a good looking two bench with his hands slightly wider spacing of stays above shoulder lifting his legs in bed or bench = done is mainly practiced up and down movement while the lower reaches of brachial chest and the former three groups shoulder a few times ditto

4 . Jae-distance push-ups: the practice and the general push-hand release of the seat is just the same as not the same as super-sharp hands, feet close together on the palm placed on the middle chest. Main exercise chest muscles while Neice brachial three groups reaches a few times Ibid 5. Jinga Double-arm push-ups: This push-ups are just like ordinary push-and liquid-arms are not close to perpendicular to the body but the Jinga. Brachial three main reaches reaches chest can also be measured and Neice. Group a few times Ibid 6. Wide-grip chin-up: shook away from the big wide grip with your feet shoulder-plate from being placed directly over the chin bar when Jieke or close to the chin-up bar Jieke very difficult if possible, the best Someone next to help you exert oneself certainly do not start practicing a few but each time you will find all to be able to do more than the previous one in addition is to where you live in your home without the horizontal bar of the door also can be good results doing this action is mainly practiced on the width of the back muscles and back! May also reaches forearm and humerus 2 ¼ to a difficult start Zhizuo three groups each of a group of our best efforts to achieve the limit

7. Ordinary pull-up: grip grip with a wide shoulder is brought up, and the same as above do not up and dignitaries at the back to help you help your next under the power of each to do the same limit is also Group 3 is mainly practiced on the back of the thickness of the forearm and the humerus can be reaches 2 to 8. Anti-grip chin-up : shoulder width grip with anti-shake That brought up a little to simple but still Buxing Le dignitaries under the force of good to help each of three groups with maximum mainly reaches the brachial two arm may also reaches back to 9. Inverted stays: Inverted leg through the wall to do with the up and down motion! The beginning of this movement for an extremely dangerous practice to come to hand but the effect was very good! It is proposed that = there are some basic do it, preferably after the person next to put your feet to live in order to do so to protect!

Is mainly practiced deltoid muscle (ie, shoulder) before and after the trapezius muscle can also be practiced before the upper chest brachial three to 10. Abdomenizer leg raises: lying down or in bed with head in hand, like a certain thing, after seizing a fixed body and then legs and feet close together, like on the lower abdomen, slowly raised his received more than 90 degrees and then use the control of abdominal muscles slowly down note that this thing must not be going slow! But it can not be too slow to do a good job an average of 10 seconds each three groups 10-15 major training lower abdomen

11. Lying supine: the best legs on the bed were lying on the bed dignitaries suppress your legs and then hands on the two sides can note that the temple will not back down on the floor when you can put half of the movement is the basis for more than

you can be practicing four days a week to practice

For instance, your 12 weeks training three break 45 practice 6, days of rest a week, your best choice


week of practice for two choices 345.71 thousand practice for

9 weeks of action temporarily practice


4 training weeks 1 week 2

5 weeks if the practice Do you think too much practice no less than a week before then you can choose 2-3 movements a day to practice but we must each do at least 6 months if you feel it is doing three groups do not get tired, they rest between the four groups for each action 3 minutes! Can not exceed Oh!

Train the muscles necessary to practice a daily part of practicing two times a week can be!

Practiced more just wasted effort!

In short the actual situation according to their own selection intensity

on diet:

Shaochiduocan system insist to eat five meals a day such as breakfast 7:00 That 10-point eat something like bread, soy milk a little something and then 1:00 for lunch 4:00 in the simple 5-6 points, a bite to eat after exercise training is best to eat a piece of bread and a cup of skim milk and then eat dinner at 8:00 to eat meat, eat less attention to points of high oil and grease do not have to eat very much food rice are a meal or two the amount of m be

prematurely must eat well! ! ! For example premature bread you can eat 2 cup soy milk + 2 eggs + + + is best to eat some meat, vitamin tablets a adults, not expensive Yangshengtang Also a good 2 months as long as 48 yuan

In addition to exercise and diet That is enough sleep for more than 12 of the best not to go to bed! ! !

Has been enhanced dietary supplement, exercise recovery sleep! ! ! Then you want to act anything like the muscle is not long! ! ! Such as 3-4 months later you have this plan has no effect in that time you can ask the question

attention to adhere to exercise and good living and eating is the kingly rule! ! ! Refueling strategy
straw Shell2010-03-05 08:52:25 +0000 #3
of course, as long as a day and keep practicing

practice must be after completing a high protein content of nutritional supplements such as milk, eggs, Zhihong ....
19872010-03-05 09:09:46 +0000 #4
18-year-old hungry Oh, do not be too long of a strategy developed



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