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To enter the plateau of the fitness to practice how going to be?

I was invincible head2010-03-05 13:11:08 +0000 #1
For several months the strength and circumference no longer!
kexin75222010-03-05 13:16:00 +0000 #2
muscle plateau has two big reasons:

1, the muscles have completely adapted to your past for his stimulating --- weight, group number, group interval of time, training, portfolio, etc. and so on.

2, muscle fatigue caused due to slow growth or stop growing.

Diagnosis: You have a few months the strength and circumference has not changed, and I feel you are - a little more muscle fatigue.

Suggestions: 1, the real rest for two weeks --- for four weeks (muscle fatigue is very difficult to restore and need time to adjust their nutrition and regular sleep), after two weeks of your break, you can use aerobic training time is your instrument training twice as much time to gradually restored (50 minutes of aerobic - 25 minutes Instruments)

2, to change your original training mode --- to reduce or increase the rest time between the two groups, re-formation of the training portfolio, and so

much said, the I wish you as soon as possible through the plateau!



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