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How to improve physical energy to make it into work and study in the

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inspiring spirit "of a year is the spring season," Spring is an excellent time their careers. Only love life, and exert ourselves to be able to maintain a vigorous effort to mobilize and bring into play in order to maximize the potential of various parts of the body, so that in the best physical and mental state, to forge ahead and achieve brilliant success.

To overcome Chun Kun "春眠不觉晓" spring easily drowsy. However, Chun Kun is the physiological function of natural climate change occurs as a physiological phenomenon. In winter, the skin blood vessels by the cold stimulation, reduced blood flow, brain and visceral blood flow. Into the spring, as the temperature rises, skin pores stretch, increasing blood supply, while the corresponding reduction in the oxygen supply to the brain, so there listlessness, dazed Chun Kun Yu Shui's phenomenon. Chun Kun approach is to pay attention to overcome sleep, exercise and diet regulation.

Get that energy in the spring, rational arrangements for meals, for modern people, the key is to attach importance to breakfast, can not be perfunctory, should increase the non-staple food containing protein, such as eggs, milk and the like, in order to ensure a high day efficiency. However, in peacetime, but also eat more fruits, vegetables, less alcohol, coffee, etc. to ensure exuberant energy.

Strengthening exercises should be chosen for their own sports projects, step by step what one can. Not pay attention to control the amount of exercise and time, often resulting in excessive exercise, the body is too tired, is worth the candle. Only by mastering the scientific method, it enables the body to maintain plenty of energy.

Note that a break "will not rest, will no longer work," this sentence is famous with good reason. Anyone's stamina and not be unlimited. Therefore, the need for timely rest, physical in order to gradually restore.

How to keep energy

1, self-motivation

with the life philosophy, model or sensible ideas, ideas to motivate themselves.

First, I believe the future is bright;

second, failing to shock, if there is an accident occurs, not to be followed in panic, anxiety, emotional control, etc., to encourage themselves failing to shock, use our brains, like various favorable responses;

Third, contentment, happiness and often think that they are sufficient to maintain ease of mind, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

2, self-suggestion

language implied on human mood and behavior and adjust the role of the wonderful effects. In her frustration, you need to self-suggestion. First of all, to myself not nervous, believe that they will be able to get past difficulties; even he did not panic, language, suggested by himself, but also you will be prompted to write in this language, the attached walls, bed, etc., may often see place in order to spur their own.

3, to divert attention

depressed trouble when listen to music, take a look at comedy; debut speech, to focus attention on the content of the speech; excited to sleep at night the brain, it can draw attention to the silent figure of the number of monotone and so on. These methods if it is used properly, can play a role in stabilizing their emotions.

4, pour France

person's mood is depressed state, should be allowed to restraint of anger. Even carefree to cry, but also helps to balance the body balance.

To maintain energy, but also to physically strong basis. Therefore, the strengthening physical activity, but also adjust the mood better choice.

Timely replenishment of energy that is outside of the normal three meals a day small meals every 2-3 hours that the purpose is to maintain blood sugar can guarantee to meet the needs of the body energy level. From the physiological perspective, glucose metabolism is a major source of human energy, healthy adults need 1,500 calories of energy per day, heavy workload and who will need to 2000 calories. Therefore, continuous supply of glucose to maintain the premise of energy, excessive dieters inevitably exhausted. Therefore, when choosing food rich in carbohydrates, while there is an appropriate amount of cellulose (to prevent blood sugar fluctuations) and a small amount of fat (reduce hunger). Mini-food that is popular abroad, to adapt to such needs, such as a cup of skim milk and cereals, a few slices of bread or a few desserts. Avoid the use of meat, fat, too much will make people sleepy.

More deep breathing exercise can not only take a deep breath more oxygen intake at the same time be able to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, helps to relax. Take a deep breath when lying down or sitting, one hand placed on the side of the body, one hand placed on the abdomen, with nose breathing, while excluding distracting thoughts, to imagine the full extension of the chest, the lungs are filled with oxygen and carbon dioxide from the body and then feeling discharged at the same time to relax neck and shoulder. Of not less than 3-5 minutes each time.

Try refreshing fragrance containing mint and experimental results show that inhalation of flowers smell the gas can significantly reduce operator computer operator mistakes. Select a specific kind of flavor no special restrictions. As long as you like, feel the smell can bring pleasure all help to improve the brain's arousal.

Fitness training the biggest beneficiaries of regular exercise is your heart. Therefore, the "perfect body shape means that the heart of the perfect" theory. In addition, a positive exercise can improve the efficiency of the body capacity. When the fast-paced, high-intensity work requires you to pay an even higher energy, a healthy body can be its capability to release their potential. During the holidays and weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The city's serious air pollution and harm to human body greatly from time to time to the scenic wooded hikers can cause physical renewal and to reconcile breathing, coordination of yin and yang. In the dense green parks, forests, the air inside the high concentration of negative ions. Negative ions are in the atmosphere of "longevity hormone" reputation. Anion abundant in the place where people feel relaxed and happy, spirits. Negative ions in the air not only to regulate the nervous system. But also promote gastrointestinal digestion, the lungs breathing deeper.

Added vitamins and minerals, vitamins and minerals do not have an immediate effect revive and refresh, but it is a normal body metabolism is not a lack of nutrients, including B vitamins, magnesium, iron is particularly important. Medicine survey found that a substantial part of women's lack of certain types of vitamins and minerals. Taking a daily multi-vitamin drugs, but note that the human body can not exceed the actual requirements.

Understanding of their biological clock rules everyone's energy level changing in the day, there are peaks, there are low. Most people in the afternoon to reach the peak of energy, but in many individual differences. Can continuously record their day's mental state, sensory level, response speed, and the activities carried out to identify their energy curves, and then rationalize the daily activities.


diet to restore, is conducive to maintaining energy. Are presented below

(1) kidney stew Eucommia. Eucommia 25 grams, pig kidney son of a (to fascia), water amount. Ge Shuidun 1 hour. Daily or every other day to take a second. With a nourishing liver and kidney, the efficacy of gluten Zhuanggu. Apply to stay up all night after the back pain, limb weakness were taken.

(2) lotus lily pot lean meat. Lotus seeds (to core) 20 grams, lily 20 grams, 100 grams of lean meat pigs. The same amount of boiling water until the meat, seasoning with salt after Shulan eat. 1 times a day. The product has a pure heart lungs, soothe the nerves of the effectiveness of Qi. Suitable for stays up late after a dry cough, insomnia, upset, palpitations embolism person ingests.

(3) habitat stewed duck eggs. 20 grams of raw land, duck eggs 1

2, Ge Shuidun amount of water. Beat eggs cooked, then add juice stew for 20 minutes. Add crystal sugar amount of seasoning, fresh eggs, juice drink. Day 1 or week 2 or 3 times. This product has Ziyin heat, thirst effect. Suitable for stays up late after Kouzao throat, gums, swelling, pain, hand, foot and heart were consumed hot.

(4), kudzu health soup. Kudzu (Pueraria made with Fenpi) 250 grams, clean cuts, raw fish (mullet) 1, add water, a total amount of pot. Fish cooked, add ginger, silk, oil, salt, fish-eating Yin Tang. 1 times daily or every other day. With Shujin vibrant, Qi and blood to relieve muscle pain and other effects. Apply to stay up all night after the muscle soreness, neck pain were taken.

(5), Prunella vulgaris pot lean meat. 10 grams with Prunella, 50

100 grams of pork, water, burning a total amount of meat, cooked a little seasoning salt, meat soup. 1 times a day. With clear anger, the effectiveness of lowering blood pressure. Suitable for stays up late after the blood pressure, dizziness, headache, and envy those who take.



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