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I would like to exercise to lose weight, the first day of training, and the next up leg is sore, I w

d58252010-03-05 19:11:08 +0000 #1
It is because seldom exercise, once again more intense exercise the next day, legs and stomach as running and sit-ups get moving a bit sore. The expertise to answer how can I do? Is to continue to do?
Luojiekaiqi2010-03-05 19:16:40 +0000 #2
due to intense exercise produces lactic acid over

There are two ways: You can rest, with hot and blistering, a few days like a

or continue to exercise, do not have so much strength, This would be a better exercise effect.
Dutch morning2010-03-05 19:59:53 +0000 #3
Frequently Asked Questions Weight Loss Sports Analysis

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weight loss is a hot topic of concern by people at the same time is a complex issue. Because many factors influence the success of weight loss, so shouting and implementation of many people to lose weight, but ultimately, not many people achieve their goals, some people can also cause Yuejianyuefei adverse consequences. Weight loss key to success is to develop a long-term adherence to weight loss and the pain of a smaller plan, which must involve diet, exercise, living habits and other behavior related with the body. Some people think that movement is the best way to lose weight, so the large amount of exercise carried out blindly movement, but in the end due to various reasons, did not meet weight loss goals, but also went to the weight loss of confidence, from the situation as out of control. In order to avoid all the detours in the campaign to lose weight, we will be everyone's made a summary and analysis of relevant issues are set out below:

How can we achieve weight loss goals?

Generally speaking, as long as the exercise than you consume calories from food intake more calories, you can lose weight. But even to do this, solve the obesity may be the last thing. Because people in some parts of the body fat is easy to accumulate a genetic tendency. In layman's terms, easy to accumulation of fat in your body, and is the last place to reduce fat. Most men are in the abdomen and both sides of the waist fat accumulation, while most women are more evident in the buttocks, arm fat thickening occurs.

Hundreds of times a day sit-ups, why not see narrow waist?

Because the movement comes from the consumption of fat the body, rather than a specific site. Sit-ups is to strengthen abdominal muscles a good way, but it can not "melt" fat belly.

Through the campaign can do the extra fat into muscle?

The fat into muscle is impossible. Because it is the human body are two entirely different organizations, one is pure fat tissue, and the other is a fat-muscle tissue. If a person would like to make itself strong, you have to lose weight while in motion, so that developed countries such as muscles and bones, thickening.

Stop will become fat after exercise, muscles do?

This is the same as the previous question is wrong. Many athletes, "retired" after "Fa-Fu," The reason is that after retirement they no longer like before the big day, exercise training, well-developed muscle tissue to shrink gradually smaller. But they also eat as much as before, intake of calories than the calories consumed, a lot of fat quickly piling up, so soon fat up.

Exercise the more ruthless the more calories consumed do?

A hurry to lose weight riding on the stationary bike and went all out energetically, quickly pedal, there is no gasping a few minutes, had to stop. He thought that not only the heart of vigorous exercise, but also consumes a lot of heat, weight loss is very favorable. In fact, he was wrong. Because only in terms of energy consumption, durability is more important than strength. Sprint-type or high-intensity exercise were not sustainable in long, if intermittent movement down, the body will appear compensatory slowing of heart rate and energy expenditure. Therefore, the slow, uniform, long time sports practice, than the short period of time, exhausting sprint exercise more calories consumed.

What clothes to wear during exercise to lose weight right?

Some people lose weight in order to speed up the pace, sports wear very thick, and sweating a lot, thinking that weight loss better. This is the wrong idea. Because exercise sweat While the weight loss, but only a temporary result of dehydration. After 24-36 hours, the body of water metabolism returned to normal, body weight will rise. This movement sometimes dehydration, coupled with hot, people are prone to accidents, such as syncope, and even coma. Therefore, exercise good performance should be wearing a breathable, lightweight, loose pants, so that movement is easier to distribute the heat away.

Movement is the more the better do?

No, excessive Games counter-productive. Regardless of what kind of weight loss after exercise, there must be a period of rest recovery time. It is in a rest period, we have Qi will seek thickening of muscle fibers, cardiovascular function was improved so as to be adaptive changes. Excessive movement exceeds a certain limit, will be diminishing returns. For example, you exercise three times a week on the benefits, such as an additional three times, your benefit will not be twice as much as before, at most, a little bit more. Excessive training, will bear the burden of certain organs, the risk of injury increases. Therefore, "Enough is enough" here should also be promoted.

Weight Loss Sports arranged before meals or after dinner?

This is a unique and individual. Some people after dinner campaign, will happen nausea, even vomiting, but there are some people more energetic after a meal campaign. If the meal is the ideal exercise, because immediately after dinner to make some minor movements that can consume more calories. Long ago it was suggested that after dinner stroll on obesity prevention and treatment effect. However, walking alone is not enough.

Weight Loss Sports arrange what time good?

In addition to a walk outside after dinner, when convenient, on what, when. The only exception is the summer, the highest temperature and humidity in order to avoid the biggest time, the best arrangements in the morning and evening.

Practice weightlifting to lose weight, will not become as muscular as bodybuilders sudden bursts?

Not. Because only a bodybuilder weightlifting training in a project, they have to endure a variety of high-intensity weight training. Weightlifting three times a week, every half an hour, will not become a bodybuilder muscles sudden storm.
liqiyun66992010-03-05 20:31:03 +0000 #4
Let us not be too severe, slowly increase the amount. Muscle aches and pains are a normal phenomenon



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