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I often do strength exercises is to give dumbbells, although arm rough, but there is a red round aft

kaoaokaok2010-03-05 19:11:36 +0000 #1

szl2036dtlg2010-03-05 19:20:49 +0000 #2
Now that you have a dumbbell equipment, then do push-ups to the traditional 旳exercise chest muscle, if you can 旳, then the best way.

flat bench press is a chest muscle refining latter's major regions in the lower part.

Supine bench to the starting position barbell (dumbbell) on the top of the nipple.

Action process will be barbell (dumbbell) vertical uplift to the arms fully extended, chest complete contraction, still a second, slowly drop.


on the move when breathing, the whereabouts of breath.


Be careful not to point of resistance used by big too fast, the previous force to be smaller, and then gradually increased, in order to avoid neck strain. Do not let the neck of any spin
----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

on the latter's major regions are decumbens pushing the upper chest .

Head-start position on the bench decumbens 30-45 degrees, hands are shook barbell (dumbbell) placed above the chest.

Action process

the barbell (dumbbell) vertical uplift to the arms fully extended, still a second, and slowly drop slowly to the in-situ.

On the move when breathing method inhale, still when the breath. The whereabouts of inhale slowly, fell in situ when the breath.
------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

decumbens pushed under the main refining latter's area is the lower chest.


head-down position decumbens bench, his hands are grip barbell (dumbbell) placed below the chest

action process to barbell (dumbbell) vertical uplift to the arms fully extended, still a second, slow Slow drop slowly to the in-situ methods

breathe when you inhale on the move, still when the breath. The whereabouts of inhale slowly, fell in situ when the breath.
------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

Sit-birds is a direct smelting latter's major regional exercise chest muscle, can be used lie horizontally, on the ramp lying down position decumbens.


supine position on a bench, two-handed fist heart contrast, holding dumbbells; Method of Direct arms up perpendicular to the ground, feet flat on the ground riding.

Action process on both sides of his hands to separate the whereabouts of elbows peg-leg, until the ending when you can not be lower. Still a second, so that pectoralis major fully extended, and then his arms from both sides up, round to the starting position.


arms opened when inspiratory, reply when you breath.


hands do not seize the main points. Sub-arm, the back muscles to tighten. Ideas focused on the contraction and stretch the pectoralis major muscle.
------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

If the above was written on the latter's movements do not understand, for example you can replace "flat bench press "4 words to Baidu Image Search diagrams to understand.

As for the chest inside, dumbbells are not exercises 旳, must be dedicated in the gym 旳 旳 equipment, butterfly clip chest. standing chest clip chest. sitting equipment folder chest.
King King 8882010-03-05 19:47:18 +0000 #3
14-year-old skeleton has not been fully developed successful, not suitable for large weight, strength training, it is recommended jogging, rope skipping, etc. 18 years old to conduct strength training, or partial pressure of bone will be hindered bone growth.



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