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plovey2010-03-05 22:11:31 +0000 #1
23 this year, height 186, weight 67KG

done a body composition analysis, saying that want to increase muscle 2.7KG, increased fat 2.5KG

looking for fitness professionals who can tell, I have practiced in most health clubs, all the instruments are, but they do not know how to get, where the private teaching and costly

just want to enhance muscle strength, not afraid of people laughing, I'm really weak, as well as heart and lung function

Now you can go five times a week, one can be 2 hours

it seems that every time practicing a different part of it is not, there is a warm-up

thinking of fitness professionals to know User can help me, it is best to be specific, such as what is time to do several sets of equipment, what the rest ah

thank you, oh
deadwoods2010-03-05 22:25:28 +0000 #2
Hello: According to your height, then it should be your standard weight of 80 kg! Body composition analyzer was

a conclusion, it should be at least you have to (by muscle 2.7KG, increased fat 2.5KG) In addition, fitness 3-4 times a week

more than science, especially for beginners. There you need to gain weight, so every time training time should not be too long, so

consumption will affect the muscle growth too much, I suggest you shorten the training time (preferably controlled at 60 or 80 minutes)

gym by muscle training program (reference): (plan is not static, based on the reaction of the body gradually adjust)

1: Cardiopulmonary functional training program: Do not worry the more the longer you ran thin, and cardio training will help improve your digestion and absorption) 2-3 times per week , each 20 minutes or so, heart rate control (220 - your age) x80% or so (that is to run up and "can not properly speak of the intensity")

2: strength training program for reference: (the next day training)

1 . 5-10 minutes jogging warm-up 2. stretch target muscles (using the static stretching)

the first day of the legs of abdominal training days: high-intensity leg training, muscle growth is conducive to the body.

Squat three groups x8-10 times (the number refers to the amount you are barely able to complete)

sitting legs give three groups x8-10 times

leg flexion and Group 3 x10-12 times

Leg cite three groups x10-12 Ci

4 groups each group to do sit-ups "do not"

supine leg raise four groups each group to do "do not"

the third day of training in thoracic shoulder:

Horizontal barbell elected three groups x8-12 times

Incline Dumbbell group elected three times

x8-12 ramp Dumbbell birds Group 3 x8-12 times

seated dumbbell-elected Group 3 x10-12 times

standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise Group 3 x10-12 plays

leaning birds 3 Group x10-12 times on the fifth day back training days

wide-grip chin-up Group 3 x8-12 times

bent leg dead lift 3 groups x8-10 times

Boo-li T-bar Row 3 groups x8-10 times

anterior the drop-down Group 3 x8-12 times

sitting equipment rowing Group 3 x8-12 times

seventh day two. 3 Training Day

seated alternate dumbbell curl Group 3 x8-12 times

barbell curl Group 3 x8 -12 times

rope under the pressure Group 3 x8-12 times

dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm 3 groups x8-12 times

(60-90 seconds rest between the two groups) (90-120 seconds rest between the two movements)

( These are only for reference, training should be adjusted according to their own)

3: diet:

only the intake of energy greater than the consumption of energy, people can be bulked up. Therefore, the deployment must be a reasonable diet, diverse, non-partial eclipse. In addition to normal consumption of animal protein-rich meat, eggs, poultry, they also eat some soy products and beans properly, lily, vegetables, fruits and so on.

In the case of adequate intake of protein, and are advised to eat some with fat, carbohydrates (ie starch, sugar, etc.) the more abundant food. So thin by robust posture up. Weaker scrag gastrointestinal function may choose chicken, duck, fish, sheep's liver to eat, In addition to this, fish are also easy to digest and absorb.

4: Rest is also very important, I suggest you to ensure 8 hours of sleep a day (as far as 23 points before sleep to ensure the quality of sleep)
Word Gao Song Jushi2010-03-05 22:44:01 +0000 #3
too thin,

1,15 minutes trotting on a treadmill (uphill kind of) so

2 a day, with dumbbell (moderate your own) to do before the forearm before and after bending straight, each shot 38, making three groups. Training biceps, triceps.

3, lying on the barbell, the cook from pushing movements (barbell piece in moderation, some protection)

4, with the crankshaft barbell standing behind arm elected to do action, each shot 38, making three groups.

5, with the crankshaft barbell sitting, holding a barbell with a wrist force as to grip the arms of the movement, arm still. Each shot 38, making three groups.

6, shoulder barbell, put on the back seat, bars wrapped around the clothes, do Dunqi movements each shot 38, regular.


,-------- each of the above plus a full set of finished in the middle break, about a half an hour, each group should adhere to break the bottom line, just like the start of finish. I am talking about professional bodybuilding, not mix sports equipment.

I am also an amateur body-building enthusiasts, there are fitness coach what he was in 2002 race runner-up in Tianjin, 63 cm thick hand-arm, chest and women Acacia.

Adhere to is to win!



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