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To help develop physical activity plans

chaylg2010-03-06 00:11:05 +0000 #1
winter holiday, and there are time points to reduce weight, to help develop a training plan requirements:

1. Can be carried out at home, using it is best not more than two hours

2. Against the abdomen and exercise chest muscle

3. be able to exercise jumping ability

4. scientific and rational, much detail as possible

Thank you, the
ygshj922010-03-06 00:22:51 +0000 #2
home best prepare some dumbbells, a little wide benches.

Exercise the abdominal muscles: sitting in the rear bench, his legs caught in a dumbbell (depending on what you can bear the weight), body leaning back, hands stays in the stool, abdominal fat from the edge to mention legs, upper body forward at the same time by. (This approach better than the effect of sit-ups.)

Exercise chest: feet stays in the body lying on the bench (at this time to the top waist, an empty back, chest), two hands the grip a dumbbell, his hands were extended to both sides of the back.

Jumping power: first, a warm-up finished (recommended to do more squat), the activities of the ankle must be open (to prevent injury), if a conditional jump directly touched the ceiling (my jumping is one such practice, and we lived on the first floor). If the family has the bar, you can sit squat movement. (In fact, is to practice bouncing a place in space, big enough training)

I am also a winter vacation, practicing in the gym every night, did not start before the summer break, and about 4 more than a month of the bar - the outline of the muscles came out - Hehe I wish you a pleasant exercise Ha -!



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