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Push-ups test upper body strength

512,658,7912010-03-06 03:11:16 +0000 #1
My .171 CM. 70KG. Can do 50 push-ups. Or even more. One-minute fast-standards that can be 40 +

to my upper body strength and balance in the Mody?

How to adhere to do push-ups will increase upper body strength
315,500,4022010-03-06 03:20:29 +0000 #2
coincidence, Zanliang almost. You counted on the upper. However, if you want the muscles appear to be more coarse ore a suggestion to do a group of 20 groups per day 8-10 groups each time interval as short as possible. Eat small meals often is also quite important. Refueling bar Hehe



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