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Fitness at home and how

Retention pond de Happiness2010-03-06 09:11:44 +0000 #1
I in September with a high 2, go to the gym every day this summer, what the muscles are a bit out of practice may be no empty school out of practice, and I've got two dumbbells, you can add the weight of its own that species, a wrist force devices, as well as a chest, I do not want to practice what is really large, wanted to bar lines in the pre-university training out of what are, how can I practice? Be able to come out in the pre-university training Mody?
328,738,3022010-03-06 09:20:40 +0000 #2
Of course, I also can ah Hou from you that when the time came I do not have dumbbells that features a move to do sit-ups and push-ups every night to do about an upholding of the 300 bar For a long time are particularly effective in about a year and a half the apparent size bedroom is now basically the best one abdominal chest also particularly apparent in view of the time you go to school to learn more tense suggest that you push-ups every night 15 times / group to do 10 Group sit-ups 30 times / group to do can be a 5-8 team with the dumbbell and then do something about the arm shoulder and back movements of these, about 45 minutes to finish but do not do too much that would affect your the quality of sleep and the next day in class after school during the day pitted the best 2,000 m time of the exercise nutrient intake at the same time we must pay attention because you are now or in the school nutrition is the most important stage of the eating carbohydrate-rich proteins of plant fiber Food can not only complement the energy will be sufficient to promote muscle growth in your body fit and beautiful of course, but now your main task is to learn remember to exercise proper arrangements prior to the time until college, when you have time for fitness there are many fuel I believe you will be successful



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