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Running to lose weight, what position is right?

K 丶 _ James _ ℡2010-03-06 13:10:44 +0000 #1
Jogging to lose weight, what position is right?

I want to minus the meat of the thigh and buttocks,

I am now 163 pounds, more fat.

Is now running, probably more than 4000 meters.
, But I am afraid the more the longer you ran rough, so ask ...
Fneaker2010-03-06 13:23:46 +0000 #2
Do not run with the toes, or your legs will be very sour, but not achieve weight loss effect. First, obviously jogging to lose weight, while the toe is obviously running sprint action.

Running about posture: arms arm, "did not reveal before the hand, elbow rear dew", a natural arm, do not deliberately to do so, there is no fixed jogging movements, should be natural, probably in line with a secure technical movements on the可以. After the foot to foot (not heels) first touch the ground, and then a rapid transition to the whole soles of the feet, and then before the soles of the feet to promote (the last of this action may be appropriately ignored, if you are not very strict so), your weight is not heavy, this distance also good, pay attention to warm-up before exercise and after exercise to relax (you can go five minutes, Duo Chuandian clothes do not cold). Would also like to stretch the legs. If not loosen stiff muscles. The more run more crude will not do this your mind at ease.

The most important point: step by step, adhere to (a winter holiday time is too short, at most, to cultivate a habit of relying on this winter, or look into the door, the important thing is to exercise more than usual. A winter alone can not reduce fat, but I See your weight is not too big, I have seen 200 kilograms able to run a half marathon, and admiration. So I say, refueling point). I wish you every success buddies.

Add this: the speed of running in order to feel relaxed, running can be easy to speak in a normal voice as a standard (I am not running when you call to speak, that is, to maintain such a breath of standards). Finish the step does not affect appetite prevail. Running time is not recommended songs, because when running if you want to get good results, the spirit should be concentrated, and the running time of songs, concerts attract your attention, but also less secure. (If it can be on the runway, then, if you own is not very demanding, nothing is also not easy)

加油 bar!
wq642709882010-03-06 13:15:56 +0000 #3
all right, and will not thick! Insist on running, finish the next leg press 100



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