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JIA Peng's Da Yima2010-03-06 17:11:23 +0000 #1
I am now 17, as too skinny, want to exercise under the muscle, only 94 kg

1.82 there is a good way to reach people know that do, at home without equipment is only one dumbbell
Black Fortress 2642010-03-06 17:23:35 +0000 #2

chest muscle exercise muscle fullness and firm, young, fit and one of the symbols. Well-developed chest muscles, so that seems strong burly men and women is even more plentiful and there are lines. The strength of the chest muscle exercise can improve heart and lung function, such as bad posture correction Hanxiong to expand the chest narrow thorax change. Chest muscles include the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor muscle and intercostal muscle. This item can be hand exercise, and can also use the instruments.

1. Bare-handed exercise of the hand

the chest muscle strength training, mainly in the main push-ups, use of their own weight, pushing through forearm stays to reach the purpose of the development of the chest muscles. Push-ups can be carried out on the plains, but also in the hands and foot pads for supporting objects or load.

Prepare position: leaning over, his hands stays with the shoulder width, arms straight, feet close together and two ankle, toe with Li Cheng, the head slightly raised, eyes forward vision, chest, abdomen, and the body to maintain upright.

Action: arms from the straight and gradual flexion posture. Elbow flexion, the body slow down and maintain a parallel with the ground, pause for a moment, the pectoralis major contraction, arms at the same time force, is to hang straight, the body propped up, restored into a preparatory position. Note that in the course of action is always to keep the body upright. Repeat about 10 times the above-mentioned actions.

Exercise to a certain degree, the shelves can be used inverted push-ups, two-legged booster push-ups and push-ups load (in the back and put some weight), narrow or wide stays stays (specifically to support distance his hands narrowed or widened) , as well as support such as finger movements, in order to increase the difficulty to obtain a greater exercise effect.

Essentials; action always keep chest, abdomen body straight, avoiding Chen Jian, shrugging, shrinking the chest, hip, etc. Gongyao or incorrect posture.

Role: The main development of pectoralis major, but also exercise triceps, deltoid force.

Here is the deltoid muscle exercise method (in order to facilitate the points on home dumbbell):

shoulder (deltoid muscle)

1. Elected: The main train deltoid muscle before the beam, the beam and rear beam.

Action: sitting, two hand-held dumbbells in the side of the body, elbows outreach, palm forward, to push the dumbbells to the highest point of the arc, pause, slow control of dumbbell according to the original route (arc) to restore.

Tip: can also be done standing, arms at the same time to do single-arm rotation can also be done.

2. Lateral Raise: The main practice in the deltoid muscle bundles.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the legs before the body slightly forward, elbows peg-leg, to both sides of the lifting dumbbells Zhijian Gao, so that the deltoid muscle in the "peak contraction" bit, pause, and then slow to restore control of shoulder muscles . Can also be done one arm, his arms rotation.

3. Leaned over Lateral Raise: The main beam after deltoid training.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells, palms relative, bent knees, physical stability, and arms to both sides on the move, and then slowly to restore control.

4. Shrug: The main train trapezius muscle.

Action: two hand-held dumbbells hang at the side of the body, knee peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, shoulders fully on to mention, the trial acromion lobe touch, pause, and then slowly to restore control.

Photo: 6 Best deltoid muscle movement (2)

· Photo: 6 Best deltoid muscle movement (a )

· developed deltoid - nominated

* Lateral Raise - well-developed deltoid muscle in the beam

vertical pull-up - well-developed deltoid muscle group

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never met y1 Acacia2010-03-06 17:41:29 +0000 #3
push-ups. Sit-ups. Can be practiced.

Eat beef. Eating pork and muscles,,



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