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Go to the gym to lose weight program

Micro-school2010-03-06 20:10:48 +0000 #1
I am now 20 years old, last year to lose weight by diet, reducing by 10 kilograms, and now around 168,120 pounds -

but still not satisfied with their body, decided to go to the gym to lose weight

concrete should do sports, learning What course?

Learn to dance, then learn from Taiwan? ?
Niuniu 090,9092010-03-06 20:25:31 +0000 #2
Hello! Compared to the situation for you and me is similar to first talk about my own situation in bar -

I am now 19 years old, 165, After the entrance weight jumped to 128, last summer, after training in the gym and beauty salon thin to 118, did not go after the too. Even so, the first semester in college, I still kept thin, it is now 110.

Here is my experience Experience:

1. Go to the gym I chose is the student card bimonthly 98, very cheap affordable. The courses offered in the gym 3 times a day every day different. Courses include Yoga, Pilates, belly dance, fitness dance, shoulders and back waist gymnastics, Breast Nice Bottom parade, the national exercise, reduce fat shaping 1,2,3.

I suggest that a mixture of a variety of gymnastics and dancing, according to your situation, Nice Bottom, and Dietary Fat Reduction Breast 1,2,3 shaping is more suitable. I did not skip the belly dancing and Pilates. The yoga I am not very recommended. Because yoga to lose weight need to be patient, and is very easy for beginners pulled ligaments. On the contrary oxygen consumption easier to slim down a large parade.

2. Time to jump as much as possible in each section of the interval to add moisture. Drink a little saliva on the 1,2 line, do not drink too much.

3. After dinner one and a half to two hours after the JUMP suitable

4. Tiaowan not even after a large number of replenishment. A small mouth to drink, many times a small amount is appropriate.

5. AEROBICS halfway and after an hour I could not do to keep standing, so as not long hip and thigh meat.

As for me after the summer holidays why not Aerobics can also thin so much (I do not diet, not many sports, not even able to stay in shape), I think the reason is this:

1. AEROBICS later I sprouted a muscle (not very scary, and just feel a little compact limbs, the muscles do not see), but there is no movement in the later period, these new long muscles are gradually disappearing, the calories consumed is far higher than that needed for fat loss heat.

2. 18:00, after I no longer eat, drink very little. The morning and at noon I drink a lot, clean intestines.

3. After dinner half an hour to stand. Brisk walking 10000 steps a day more, and leave hip abdomen, legs taut.

Hope my experience helps you some strategy -
_ Su Mo dyeing2010-03-06 20:48:30 +0000 #3
Hip-hop or dance the two steel quick weight loss
wtzlxs2010-03-06 20:36:08 +0000 #4
height 168, weight 120? The ratio is less than perfect, but also to lose weight?

I have to lose weight online lose your data into a test, you can see screenshots.



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