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What to do can practice muscle

AV Night in Paris2010-03-06 23:11:10 +0000 #1
17-year-old .... I have no home town, a professional fitness equipment .. holiday is prepared to train up their muscles to work beyond # 28 will not replicate what the actual elements of the wrist and arm and thought abdomen .. Who knows ah # 91
leaves fly south ri ru2010-03-06 23:17:34 +0000 #2
I used to like you.

Rice still have to eat, to eat beef and drink milk ,*****( remember that this is very important )***** We coach to teach us this way, and now practicing kumite.

Then is the need for daily exercise. Here's a key, to make sure that every day, if the effects of intermittent point at all.

1. Can do push-ups could not do a start up, but to slowly and practice, to do 5 today and tomorrow to do so 8. There is a key point, an analogy is to say you have to do the tenth time today, feeling has reached the limit, and simply does not survive we must stop to rest, when to give up this time not to break off set teeth, With the willpower to fight on to do at this time is the most muscle, and also the most efficient, allowing the next time to do more. With the will to fight on while the body is very painful to do, but if this was felt to give up the limit, then it can be said today about to waste a. Push-ups exercise is the chest, followed by biceps and back muscles, but also widened shoulders to achieve the effect. Punching strength of breast muscle is the size of the root causes. Remember that posture must be correct, the body must be straight, that can not be bent, or does not pose the same vain, the correct posture you can ask people around, or you under the physical education teacher.

2. Then there abdominal muscles, it is also very important that a person's abdominal muscles is the most perfect body to show a person's place (especially swimming, playing time). Anti-shock and swimming is also the most indispensable part of the muscle. (And when you need it most OOXX muscle) There are many ways abdominal exercises, but the most convenient way to do sit-ups, I suggest that you straighten the legs to do, it was Crimping the best, there is heavy Crimping is required. Methods and the same as above, eight characters, overdraft physical, challenge the limit. I know, every time to the limit, when his body told herself, has been impossible to do so, and then set the brain oath, if you can not do 10 months will definitely go out tomorrow morning, a car accident, and then advances to the pain is physical to do so ... very ... ... ... is not a bit perverted? Hehe.

3. And then that is pull-up, method, you can search the Internet, the question people will do. This is training the biceps and back muscles and arm muscles, but if the chin-up do not have no way, after all, have done a lot of people can not. In fact nothing to do as long as willing to practice can not.

4. If you want to exercise the wrist force, arm muscles, and biceps, I suggest you go to Eurya dumbbell (in fact, to get hold of something heavy can be, but I just put my family encyclopedia and world-wide installed in the general history books Eurya's). Eurya dumbbells are also a very effective way to train the muscles, but if the long-standing practice may continue to affect height, so sitting Eurya is a better choice, of course, if your home beds are high enough you can also stretch a hand in the lying outside Eurya. Brawn and arm muscles are also very important, would be visible when the arm wrestling, and the brawn behind the usefulness of the actual cases, chest. Forearm muscle may well reflect your strong arm.

5. Light Note that the muscles can not work, vital capacity and physical strength is actually even more important, although these movements can be vital capacity and physical exercise, but I personally think that running is still the best. And of course, rely on leg muscle running out for training. If so then the best gym, (previously in Singapore is a gym downstairs apartment, the daily basic task is to quickly run 5 kilometers). Without this condition, if the proposed early start every morning, the morning air is good, no cars, otherwise the exhaust right in poor health. If there is a park, then you can run in the park. Remember, running is not a matter of fact the length of time, but rather the distance and speed. Suggest that you at least speed of 20 seconds per 100 meters, more than three kilometers away is best. If you reach a start it does not matter, slowly training, methods, or that eight Chinese characters: overdraft physical, challenge the limit. Then found to be able to meet the above demands, prove your physical fitness and lung capacity is already quite good. PS: Actually, not necessarily the morning, I had is that everyone wants to go to school every day, and then broke into a run of five points road to the school, faster than the bus, is one such practice up to.

6. If you want a long tall, it must be pulled ligaments, but I think pulling ligament is among the most painful thing, but no way, have to pull, pull good benefit from the infinite future. How do I pull ligament? There are many ways there are many ligaments, Internet search under the bar, you can pull one every other day to two days, but preferably after a lapse of not more than two days, anyway, anytime, anywhere can pull ligaments, boredom, when the time waiting for a train.

7. Swimming, which I very much recommend the movement (of course, can not travel in winter), because the swimming muscles allow the coordinated development of every inch of the body, muscle is a streamlined, it is perfect, and even a long time does not exercise would not disappear or even collapse. However, in Singapore before the equatorial country, downstairs is free swimming pool, so every day to swim, but if you can not swim every day, then may be ineffective, but the summer can insist that one or two months is not a problem, there is always more than no good.

Just started completing such a day when these movements, muscle pain, certainly, and perhaps the next day will be pain, this would explain your muscles secrete hormones, which is a long muscle, when the time to eat more beef effects of drinking milk will be very good. Muscle soreness can be a period of almost non-stop until the pain to practice. Push-ups and sit-ups like the best sooner or later each time. There is a little tricky, that is the best sit-ups push-ah done slowly, the slower the better, but it is not that you do a break for a long time to lie down, but do slow the process, although the slower the more laborious, but the more laborious shows the best results.

Rest assured, I started practicing 10 push-ups can not succeed, two months later I had to do 60, and now is to do weight-bearing 35 kilograms.

If you consistently get Lianxia Qu, do not speak immediate, but very very soon, you will look in the mirror before taking a bath, when looking at your body laugh.

No reproduction, the original is also himself.

No place to visit ... ... ... ... This is a very critical issue, after all, China is not so good condition ... ... ... ...
卍 卍 gutoo2010-03-06 23:45:19 +0000 #3
to do sit-ups and push-ups

sooner or later, have done several groups have insisted on OK

and less av



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