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Ask a question of chin-up

k1liyuchun2010-03-07 02:11:38 +0000 #1
I have a general sigh of relief once able to pull 40-45 range (under the chin, too) Does the constitution is not bad

I am weak? I have never been to the gym

(I do not believe in telling the truth-leave)
zhenyuso2010-03-07 02:23:42 +0000 #2
you this manual should be a great 呀! I have a lot of students failed two attempts to reach your fitness level

unless you want to enter or when special forces bodyguards kind of work, or have enough 呀!
Read Siren2010-03-07 02:23:33 +0000 #3
not. I do not have a
akula2class2010-03-07 02:42:59 +0000 #4
okay bar, or at least back muscles can and do push-ups and sit-ups, and leapfrog?
1990 Xiaoping2010-03-07 03:09:17 +0000 #5
we can draw up ... I 30 bar! Do not shake like that ... I look down to one breath, said a dozen ... four out of the thing ... ... As for the training system bad? Unless you have enough small frail ... yang ... or else ... nothing can beat playing Enhancing the Well ... ... Y (^_^



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