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How to go to the gym fitness? I am very thin, particularly in the shoulder.

Miami Mi amal2010-03-07 05:10:43 +0000 #1
I recently organized Zhang fitness cards, you want to exercise what, but I am very thin, 179cm, 57. The one hand, I would like to ask about how to be effective weight training or strength, the overall feeling of the recent After the training exercise on the left than the right side of good, is not a problem ah?

Thank you 啦 - please enlighten ...
howard112233442010-03-07 05:26:18 +0000 #2
want to increase muscle fitness day, 1-2 muscle groups as long as the practice of training the best, I generally practice a post-primary, and then supporting to do another one, so that the muscle growth in the most effective. You do not thin point, I just started practicing 174cm only 60 kg. Practice for one year now weighs 134 pounds (of flesh very quickly), and the quality of all aspects has also been greatly improved, and therefore, how long the meat is the key, in addition I have just said, practice methods, but also paying attention to food (very important) , a lot of protein intake, such as: egg (day 5), or eat more lean meat. Able to do so can buy a "protein powder" It's the fastest thing of flesh (especially breakfast, and had just finished training for half an hour). Eat more beef can enhance the strength, can afford to buy "Creatine" to eat. Must have perseverance, do not give up halfway, adhere to one year will be greatly improved.

There is the most important thing is to have a good training program, I have a plan may be suitable for you, you can see (Note: Action bad words to explain, let coaches tell you, or watching videos on the Internet is better) Remember, practice three days, we should take a day off can not be blindly training.

1st day: chest

1, flat bench press ☆ ☆ (a total of 6 to do groups of 6-10 months, you can finish with the maximum weight to bear, all of the following actions are the same)

2, on the decumbens push

3, supine birds ☆

4, prone width stays

the next day: back

1, anterior (rear) wide-grip chin-up ☆ ☆ (just started somewhat hard)


3 dumbbell row overlooking the legislation, wide grip T rod-shaped drop-down ☆

4, seated pulley row

Day three: legs (upper couple of days ago so tired, Xie Yixia)

1, neck squat ☆ ☆ (you do not like to play with me? This action can be enhance the bounce, slow squat fast onwards)

2, shear span ☆

3, decumbens weight-bearing legs give

Day Four: biceps

1, barbell crook of the arm move ☆ ☆

2, alternate dumbbell curl

3, Oblique care crook of the arm move

4, seated dumbbell curl ☆

Day Five: Triceps

1, narrow grip elected ☆ ☆

2, standing "V" put under pressure

3, dumbbells, and neck flexion and extension arm ☆ (feeling of the most effective)

4, straight bar counter Woxia pressure

sixth day: shoulder (Enhancing a very broad shoulders, very beautiful)

1, neck elected ☆ ☆

2, Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 , barbells, dumbbells held before the flat ☆

4, Dumbbell Lateral Raise ☆ ☆

seventh day: waist and abdomen

1, AB-round ☆ ☆ (just the beginning, some difficult, but to do more, the strength of waist and back, there are big advantage)


3 sit-ups, hanging leg raise to 4 abdominal, leg raise abdomen

5, dead lift (waist) ☆ ☆ (increased waist strength and ability to (*^__^*) ... ... the benefits of X lot 呀)

These are my views and experiences of a number of fitness and hope to help you do well before the events must be physical, some movement under the protection before someone can do to avoid injury. When you do a muscle group must be trained thoroughly, and reaches swollen, fever effect hope I can help you wish you good luck
Chang 8 T pro2010-03-07 05:59:28 +0000 #3
practicing push-ups
Wind Song-Yue2010-03-07 05:48:08 +0000 #4
In fact, do not worry; exercise is to enhance oneself constitution, Guizaijianchi



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