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Heart rate early in the morning

Sun Plastic2010-03-07 05:10:49 +0000 #1
explain in detail 1:00
Beijing's lovely beans2010-03-07 05:20:38 +0000 #2
Hello, I am learning the human body, your heart rate mentioned earlier and in fact premature beat rhythm, also known as premature contraction, of the specific entry in Baidu can be found, but it may be too medicalized, and I simply say a few words for you:

a macro perspective: Our heart is jumping about pause, but when it is not random can jump or stop, the heart beating conduction from the sinus rhythm over, like a rope, shaking from an endpoint to another section of transmission, and this is also the frequency of vibration generated by a relatively fixed, but will change as the activities of the human body, which is we are talking about heart rate, heart rate, premature beats but also in a more regular vibration in a beat, and this pulse will beat back the law has been disrupted, gives rise to heart palpitations or a sense of suspension, while the frequency of The heart beat can be induced (due to reduction in cardiac output caused by) fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms, the original heart disease can be induced or aggravated angina or heart failure.

Microeconomic point of view: its essence or the heart itself because of some external factors, leading to atrial or ventricular muscle by electrical stimulation appeared in an additional contraction, which is in the wrong time to generate action potentials produced an action potential, This time point and cause myocardial contraction occurs, resulting in an additional ejection, after which, due to myocardial effective refractory period is very long, so time can not be re-excited heart at a time when the normal electrical stimulation, that is, the normal from the sinoatrial frequency stimulation to the myocardium, but at this time not be able to cardiac contraction, would be unable to maintain the original pulse frequency, pulse frequency from time to change.

To you, for example, your heart rate is now 60 times per minute, which is every second when you jump that, if in the second premature beat heart rate occurred in seconds, then the heart beat will appear in the seconds before the second bounce rather than seconds of the second, after, heart rate completely changed, that is, not every second when the beating occurred before in the second beat.

In people's emotional, nervous tension, fatigue, indigestion, excessive smoking, drinking or drinking tea when you can cause seizures, if not frequent premature beats, then there is not much harm on the human body, on the contrary it is the body of the Environmental adaptation and adjustment, but if you are a recurrent premature beats then it should be considered for medical treatment, and this could be your heart there are some diseases.

Hope this information is of help to you, if there is any problem can go to my space message.



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