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Chest width is not how the matter is not strong you

Qi Fan 20092010-03-07 05:10:56 +0000 #1
I am a student so it's only at home doing the push-ups and sit-ups to exercise their own, but there was a time I practiced a bit of my chest, but I Lianwan shape of the post-pectoral not like those who are not the kind of hard to square the wide round I was a bit strong is not the non-exercise and post-wide and in particular the usual soft, I want to know how I was going there I did not have the fitness equipment to do my daily push-ups each of eight groups to do 50 sit-ups each of six groups to do 20 deep tread 6 groups each of 50 but I think there is any effect of the Please help me as my dream ah What are the reasons I was wrong there, I would like to specifically point
neo_li19822010-03-07 05:25:21 +0000 #2
First of all I would like to tell you is that exercising at home certainly not out in the gym training effect is good. If you do not, going to the gym, then at home is also possible, but a lot of trouble, but the outcome will be a little slower.

First of all, you do 50 push-ups for increased breast muscle is not much effect, for increasing muscle for each load can do the maximum consecutive repetition is 5-10RM can be effective for increasing muscle. So, more than 10RM only increase your muscle endurance, not thickened muscle. If your condition can only do push-ups, you can back with heavy loads, and weight must be appropriate, for the first time can first try to do, when you do the first 8-10 months, the further I can not move, and this weight exactly, when you can be more than 10, and will add more weight. Or you can buy a pair of dumbbells, lying on a bench bar, make some dumbbells and dumbbell birds elect their movements, the effect is very evident. Premise is that a certain number of times to make the maintenance of the 5-10RM.

To do sit-ups, practice is mainly abdominal muscles, this is somewhat different, different from the other abdominal muscles, you must always stimulate them, at least a week To practice four times, each about 15 minutes. Suggest that you select three pairs of the most effective exercises you only did three groups, each 20-25 times, have done exhaustive. Each suite is shorter interval should not exceed 1 minute. Recommended that you increase the number of abdominal movements. In addition to sit-ups, the sit-effect legs, knees hanging bar flinching, flinching sitting is very good action.

I want to say is that, deep tread this exercise you choose a very good, great weight, squat exercise, they can promote the growth of all the other parts of the muscle. This is extremely important. I hope you can insist that to live.

Finally, I also hope you can dream come true, it is important to adhere to, please do not three days fishing nets drying for two days. If there can afford it, go to the gym to find the best coach, in that case, the effect is really obvious. Your dreams will be reached faster.
Overtaken by events 1242010-03-07 05:52:11 +0000 #3
no professional equipment, then the ideal is difficult to excel at like - if such a practice is very easy to take shape - or go to the gym to do cards with professional equipment and training to -!



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