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By Muscle Fitness Program

qintian832010-03-07 08:11:24 +0000 #1
My 175cm 70KG big belly who helped me develop a very detailed plan and catering by muscular fitness (do not eat protein powder), to six months, large effective. Thank you!
Freegine_km2010-03-07 08:16:19 +0000 #2

I was originally a personal trainer,

normal for 175m_70kg a very standard shape

you mainly want to practice the abdominal muscles do?

then you first do it,

30 minutes every morning and evening, 40 minutes jogging pace and breathing bar

just begun to stabilize the running speed and stick to the speed is the same as the last

2 months or so practicing such obvious paunch is gone,

last is to practice by muscle, and

above you said, do not eat protein powder fitness training, then I am afraid that can not be the perfect muscle,

general fitness athletes is most important to eat protein powder, the body's muscles are composed of protein and moisture The

Why do not you can eat eggs and cream can also be practiced muscle

the new year I wish you an early train the muscles of a healthy bar



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